Embed a Promo Video to your Twitter timeline for free


This Tutorial will show you how to embed your posh 30 sec promo video into your twitter account timeline.  it shows up like a promoted twitter ad video . The video is playing without sound until the user clicks on it - perfect ! . 


What you will need :

  • A modern iPhone ( Gen 4 + ) or iPad ( iOS V8 +) 
  • Latest version of software for the device (including twitter app) 
  • The phone to be already synchronised with a Mac
  • latest version of iTunes and iphoto
  • Video editing software with good export functions ( FCPX or Premiere Pro for example ) 
  • a Gb or so of free space on the device 
The idea is to make twitter think the video was taken with the iPhone’s camera and this is how we do it : 
  • Make a 31 second video - make sure the project frame rate is 29.97 Fps for optimum quality when played back .End the main content of the video ( and audio ) at about 28 or 29 seconds and have the rest black and silent  - This is VERY important for one of the final steps when posting 
  • Render out in the correct form for an iPhone 4 or later - Premiere Pro and FCPX have presets for these -720p is perfect - no point going 1080 in case you need to upload on the move and use network data. There are some very important settings you need to adhere to if not using a preset
  • Make sure it encoded using the H264 Codec  (Picture below is from Premiere's output module  )


  • Now open iPhoto on your mac 
  • Add a new album called “promo vids” and drop the rendered videos into this album 

  • Connect you iPhone to your mac and close iPhoto .. Click on iPhone icon in the top left underneath the transport controls , then the ‘Photo’ tab in the settings and make sure everything looks like the picture below with your new album selected 
  • You may wish to have other sync settings depending on which media you already have in your phone 


  • Hit the Sync button on iTunes on the bottom right to transfer the video content to the Iphone
  • The videos have to show up in the ‘Photo' app on the iPhone to work so make sure you can see them .. 
  • Open Twitter, Compose your Tweet as usual - there is absolutely no way of making the video clickable so I keep a copy of bitty links in my notes app to copy and paste
  • Click on the camera icon  shown in the picture

  • It will default to just photos , click on the “albums’ top left to go up a level :


  • Scroll down to the 'videos' section and select your video content 


  • Now the reasons for the timings at the front of this tutorial become apparent -
  • If you upload the same video over and over again twitter will stop the tweets deeming them duplicates ..
  • A 31 second video is too long for twitter so we use this length to trick the system
  • Using the twitter edit timeline at the bottom of the screen select 30 seconds of video ( make sure it’s right up against the front every time ) ,
  • Twitter will then crop the vid and create a new file in the phone with a unique name and tweet this once you’ve done edited 

  • Sit back with a smug look on your face and consider growing a beard if you don’t already have one 

Hope this helps - It's working as of Aug 2015 and undoubtedly things will change but i reckon we've got a year of free promo vid uploads till then !

Any comments please leave below. if you have worked out how to do this on android/ PC - email us Here 

James wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons



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