F9 Origins Classic House for MPC

F9 Origins Classic House for MPC


Classic House Patches and Kits for your MPC 

After months of requests from our users, we have converted the greatest hits of our Origins Classic House range to MPC format. We feel we have bottled the sound of 90s clubbing and prepared those sounds for the 21st century. 

To create the origins range, We sourced the original hardware synths, drum machines and FX processors that made the 1990s sound of house music so unique and powerful. 

All formatted as fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments, kits and Menus for MPC software and hardware editions running MPC 2.11 onwards as well as Akai Force V3.2 onwards

This unique MPC expansion contains: 

  • 4Gb+ MPC Expansion 
  • 142 Fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments
  • 17 Drum Kits
  • 13 Drum and FX menus
  • Full set of Qlink macros for each patch / Kit
  • Audio previews for all patches, kits, menus and kit sequences
  • Instant Download Link after purchase

All downloads are available directly after the sale.

An additional folder is included for standalone MPC and Akai Force users.

F9 Origins Pianos & Key Patches

5 Infamous house pianos patches sound stunning through the MPC Keygroup engine delivering bite and energy whilst the extensive collection of 23 key patches cover all the main food groups - 90s classic ROMpler, Analog and FM sounds bringing everything from crystalline keys, nightcrawling baritone saxes insomniac Pizz leads, and 8-bit classic big fun vocal leads to your fingertips. 

F9 Origins Kits + Drum Menus

17 stunning MPC drum kits guide you through all areas of the classic house epoch. 4 way round-robin 808 and 909 kits are joined by the 12-bit soul of the 707 and 727 kits so present in early Detroit and Chicago house. F9's trusty vintage samplers came out in force for the rest - our MPC 3000, SP1200 and rackmount classics giving these kits the authentic sonic tone of the era that changed club music forever. 

13 Drum and Sound FX menu round off the rhythm section and bring bucket loads of sounds per patch - perfect for overdubs and instant inspiration. 

F9 Origins Bass Patches

28 unmistakably classic bass patches provide this pack's low-end punch and clarity. We delved deep into the revered synths used by the originators. DX solid and lately basses collide with Minimoog and Juno sourced staples whilst a couple of round-robin 303 patches bring the spice.  

F9 Origins Synth Patches

37 Synth patches are a major part of the heart and soul of this pack. We re-created the 7th stabs and brass from French Kiss, the Born Slippy Juno patch, Used an MS-20 to re-create the growling lead from Da Funk and even tracked down the origin rave Hoover lead from an Alpha Juno 2. 

Patches that will help bring a touch of nostalgia into your musical output, all with 21st-century sonics thanks to the dedicated multisampling work and the MPC's raw power. 

F9 Origins Stabs and Strings Patches

This release's 15 stab patches will instantly bring back flashbacks of packed warehouses fired up by the low-bit sampling technology powering the pioneering sound of house music. Legendary producers soon found that sampling clips, chords, synth blips and pianos chunks gave an instant burst of inspiration when played chromatically on a keyboard and here we have gathered a selection of stone-cold classics. 

The Included 10 String patches bring life and melody to your classic-leaning productions. Sharp staccato strikes sit alongside low-slung 12-bit pads and the workstation patches in use by everyone from the scene. 

These patches can create everything from moody minor chord breakdown moments to moments of joyous melodic string of life ( and yes that famous 8buit patch so revered by Detroit and it's luminaries is included ) 


F9 Origins Organ and Pad Patches

This packs' 9 Organ patches are perfectly designed to pump out everything from melodic rhythmic chords to 'Show me Love' basslines. We have also tracked down the rare Rompler that provided the enormous organ hook for Felix's 'Dont you Want' . Sampled Round-Robin this is a realtreat to play . 

15 Pad Patches Round this leviathon MPC expansion off and supply tone that range from early Chicago Mr Fingers style pads up to the lavish and overblown digital Workstation pads that we've heard on countless classics. We even tracked down the microwave patch used on 'Born Slippy'.  Timeless stuff.  


Tech Specs 

MPC V2.11 onwards - including all compatible Standalone MPCs & MPC Software ( including MPC Beats) 

Akai Force V3.2 Onwards 

A software edition is required to transfer the expansion to a physical MPC. Please contact us HERE if your studio does not contain a computer so we can organise download of a standalone MPC folder.  


Audio Demos

❗️ The main audio demo was created 100% with F9 Origins Classic House for MPC ( every drum sound, instrument and FX ).

Additional mixing, arranging and editing took place in Ableton Live, 

Please note, the midi information for the music you hear in the demos is not contained in this release.  


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