F9 Zuess FX

Vol 1

Wav, Apple loop and sampler formats

F9 Zuess FX Vol 1


 The enormous Zuess FX collection from F9 is the result of months of Sonic experimentation and processing hewn from some of the world’s most sought-after Analogue and digital instruments. All carefully Produced, tweaked, twisted abused and mastered at F9.  

Designed as a modular system of components, this Cross-Genre pack can be used in any Club, Bass, D+B, Trap, Chill, Dark Pop or Media composition to add serious Punctuation, Energy and Drama. To our knowledge no other effects pack of this magnitude or feature list is available at this price point.
  • Analogue Timed Risers:  Synchronised to Tempo for instant Drag & Drop operation in Ableton and Logic and any application supporting Apple loops.  Every sound is Sourced from a classic Analogue Synth. 1, 2, 4, 8 , 12 or 16 bars in length
  • Pitched Timed Risers : 16 , 8 or 4 bars of rising energy that strikes the down beat exactly on the Root note of your tune - In Multiple Keys 
  • Digital Timed Risers : 16,8 and 4 bars of the most modern synths and software pushed and abused right up to your next bar line 
  • Fallers: Smash into the next breakdown, Chorus or Drop with a huge collection of sonically- Analogue and digitally sourced fallers many with vintage ambience processing 
  • Crashes: When white noise just wont do !. Complex crashes are a new concept in audio punctuation - Processed noise  from synths and tape mixed with acoustic Cymbal work sizzles alongside mutated real-world recordings to add a super wide high end splash and atmosphere for your bar-lines . Classic noisers and cymbals included too 
  • Percussive : Snappy analogue envelopes and Classic Hardware post-processing With Spring and plate reverbs make this bank of electronic and modular drums fit straight into any production 
  • Sub Hits and Dives : Perfect for Media compositions and breakdowns this Trouser bothering selection has be carefully manipulated with Psyco-Acoustic Software to reach cinematic depth of sound - Watch your woofers!
  • Reverberant : A thunderous collection of percussive and Atonal hits fired into the finest Vintage reverb from Lexicon, Eventide and TC and the odd vintage plate. Then Mastered to be even Bigger , Phatter and wider 
  • Reversals : Everything sounds better when it’s backwards - This collection of pitched and Atonal tension Building Sweeps are a powerful yet sometime subtle way to add drama and depth to the end of a musical passage 
  • Organic Melodic : Part beauty, part drama this section of Zuess if used or abused will often lead to new musical ideas or add a backdrop of Twisted organic atmosphere. Sourced from granular processes of original recordings and found sound 
  • Short:  Blips, Blurps , Zaps, Clangers boings and everything in between . Fire up the Sampler patches, stick on some reverb or delay and instantly add Sonic spice to your work - A Personal Favourite section of ours just for the fun of it  
  • V’gers: Named after the cataclysmic theme Sound of the Baddie of a Jerry Goldsmith Score and influenced by the work of Hans Zimmer these pitched and Bombastic hits are perfect for announcing the next transition in your piece or the on screen arrival of an anti-hero. A prize for the first person to work out which film we’re referencing !
  • Vocal Atmospheres  - Hauntingly processed Vocal tones pulled apart and pieced back together with all the ambience of A hollywood soundtrack  
Sampler patches are provided for all the major platforms and Kontakt 5* or NI Komplete Users benefit from a custom GUI that has been designed for simplicity and power :
  • 3+ Gig of 24 Bit Audio 
  • Totally Cross-genre 
  • Custom Kontakt GUI 
  • 138 Risers
  • 61 Fallers
  • 71 percussive hits
  • 44 reverberant Hits
  • 44 Crashes
  • 40 Glitch Fx 
  • 55 Organic melodic 
  • 51 Reversals
  • 87 Short FX
  • 26 Sub hits + dives
  • 32 Trailer hits ( V’ger) 
  • 28 vocal atmospheres
  • 180 soft sampler patches
  • PDF manual 

*Please note a full version of Kontakt is required - the Kontakt patches will not work with the free Kontakt Player 

Legal information : 

Logic Pro, Smart controls, Apple loops and EXS24 are trademarks of Apple Inc. F9 Is not affliliated or endorsed by Apple in any way, and its trademarks are only used to show compatibility with Apple’s Logic Pro Software.
Ableton, Live Pack, Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG. 
All additional product and company names including trademarks™ or registered® trademarks are included for descriptive or illustrative purposes only. F9 Audio does not have or claim to have any affiliation or endorsement with these external brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rests with the brand owner. 

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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    3.1 GB of 24 Bit audio Wav Files and Sampler programmes designed to work in ANY Electronic genre

    Raw material from The finest Hardware and software Synthesisers including : Moog model D Minimoog , Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OBX-A, Sequential Pro 1, Analogue Solutions modular, Moog Voyager, Korg Monopoly, Dave Smith Poly Evolver, Roland V Synth V2.

    Recored through Neve 1081 , Api 312 and Thermionic Culture. and processed Via Kush audio , Chandler, SSL, Neumann hardware

    Extensive post processing Via the finest and most diverse Software available

    Vintage Lexicon, Spring and Plate ambience processing

    Tempo Synchronised risers ready to drag and drop in Ableton, Logic and any program supporting Apple Loops

    Extensive range of Sampler patches in Multiple formats : Kontakt ,EXS, Ableton ( Drumracks ) NNXT, Halion, EXS, Structure - Exclusive IR processing and Scripting in Kontakt 5

    Modular design - Add an 8 bar riser then a complex crash to the down beat of a breakdown and fill in the bottom end with a reverberant hit and Sub dive

    Not over processed : Still headroom on 99% of sounds if you want to abuse these even more !

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