Trinity Drum Kits V1 FREE

Trinity Drum Kits V1 FREE - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples


F9 Audio Trinity Drum kits V1.0 

By exceptional popular Demand - We have kept this release on forever Three Of the world's finest drum machine sampled via top end pre-amps and Hardware EQ's , Compressors and distortion and formatted for the world's most popular software samplers and drum machines . Available for Free download in the flowing formats : 
Machine 2 
Ableton Live 9.1+
Reason 8.3
Akai MPC Renaissance 
Kontakt 5.0.1 + ( Custom GUI ) 
Cubase 7 (including elements ) +
Logic's EXS 24 
Studio One V3 ( Impact ) 
FL Studio V12.1 +
Battery 4 
Users of Live 9, Reason and Kontakt 5 will get additional controls including a custom Kontakt GUI: 

TR 808 

The Roland TR 808 Needs little introduction ( The TR stands for Transistor Rhythm)  - The most coveted electronic percussion instrument ever produced. After a fairly short production run between 1980 and 1983 this classic piece of synthesiser hardware has left an enormous impact on music production across Genres and formats and is probably appears on more recordings over the last 30 or so years than any other electronic device.

All Sounds in the TR808 ( TR sounding for Transistor Rhythm ) are created in pure analogue circuitry and therefore are ever so slightly different for every single hit.

Synonymous with Early (original) Electro , Hip Hop and Sometimes Early house the 808 is the most Successful electronic percussive instrument in the world 

This production ready Kit was sampled through an API 512 pre, Neve 1081 , 1057 , SSL G series EQ ( hardware) and processed using with an old-School Flavour in mind - Just the right amount of reverb and post-processing has been applied so this can fit right into a production the moment you call it up.

TR 909

The Roland TR 909 is THE drum machine of House and Techno . Still fetching over £2000 for a second hand unit it had everything the early house pioneers needed to cut through on the new and bigger club systems of the day .

The 909 was the first Roland Drum machine to use samples as well as analogue circuitry to create its beats . The brilliantly low bit rate hi hats and Cymbals are famously sampled from the acoustic kit of one of the Japanese development boffins at the Roland Corp.

Still making itself known today through the re-boot of classic house rhythms across the EDM spectrum and via Roland’s excellent TR-8 recreation this is a piece of production history

Once again this Kit was sampled through an API 512 pre, Neve 1081, SSL G series EQ ( hardware) and processed using with Just the right amount of reverb and post-processing so you can bring it up and start creating


The most iconic sample based machine:

If there is one electronic drum that Defines the 80’s it has to be the enormously fat Snare of the LM series From Roger Linn . You’ve heard it a million records times from Prince , Frankie goes to Hollywood, Peter Gabriel , Harold Faltymeyer Sound tracks, Ah-ha, 80’s rock even early Goth and industrial records .

It’s still revered by producers to this day and bought about the concept of swing in Electronic rhythm programming ( see F9 Video on Swing HERE )

But its not just It’s sound that lives on - It’s soul and concept survived through the Linn 9000 that went onto become the original MPC-60 and MPC 3000’s

A milestone in rhythm production the LM drum machines use 8 bit Eprom chips to produce a sound that was dirty and larger than life - Roger Linn has always said it was his lack of knowledge in certain areas that led them down the sonic road they ended up at , but this is the man who invented modern swing in Machines, so we reckon he just knows when something is right !

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