Free Boutique Synth Demo Session - JP-08 JU-06 JX-3P

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We were lucky enough to Have the Roland Boutique range in early at F9 thanks to our friends at GAK . In the last 50 or so minutes we made this demo piece of music ..


This pack contains all the audio from the session and is available as a free download for either Ableton Live ( 9.2 +)  or WAV format  ..  Forget the hype and online hubris - See how they really sound in use from your own DAW  .. 

Our friend at Mass force records is creating oak end-cheeks for these little beauties .. please contact him HERE if you want yours to look as stunning as this :

For a full studio review check out this indepth video from F9 and GAK Pro Audio , Brighton UK:


JP-08 JU-06  and JX-3p are trademarks of the Roland Corporation . F9 Audio is in no way affiliated with the Roland Corp .

( But we do think they're rather ace )