F9 88 Keys - FREE Stems and Masters

F9 88 Keys - FREE Stems and Masters


Free Download - Look Deep Inside a Club Production 

One of the most joys of running starting F9 has been making my own music with the sounds we create here ( and sharing the parts with you guys )   

This piece of music started off as a demo for our fantastic F9 Origins Old School Piano collection, built on a simple but strong motif with additional counter melodies throughout, its been a real pleasure to finish off 

This release will only be available until the end of October 2022. Please grab it whilst it's here. 

Please note - This is not a royalty-free sample pack - this is my original composition and ( as per the unique licence agreement for it ), all ownership lies with F9 © 2022.

I just really wanted to show you exactly how a carefully produced and mixed club production is put together and how the parts interact with each other. I hope this is of real educational value to you. 

There is one exception - the drums and FX stems - Please do whatever you wish with them, just don't forget to play it to us if you make something awesome - we're always keen to hear what you guys are up to. 

F9 88 Keys DAW Stem Pages

Formats :

This pack is available, fully stemmed out for :
  • Logic Pro X ( 10.5 onwards )
  • Ableton Live 9.5 Onwards
  • Bitwig 3 Onwards
  • Cubase 9.5 Onwards ( including elements)
  • Studio One 5 Onwards 
  • FL Studio ( zip format ) 
  • WAV Format

I've played around with this track on and off for a long time, and at the start of 2022 my wife and I installed a Behringer WING console to create a simple way to layer synths together across the room with huge routing options. 

What I didn't realize is how powerful it is when you connect your DAW to it - 48 Channels across a single USB connection. It was used to mix and then stem this production back into the computer and behaved flawlessly. When Behringer do something original, the results are often amazing. 

Here's part of the mix process from Facebook ...