F9 Audio MPC and Maschine Swing Grooves for Logic and Ableton Live

F9 Audio MPC and Maschine Swing Grooves for Logic and Ableton Live - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples


Get the swings of Maschine and the MPC inside Logic Pro and Live 

If you use Maschine or MPC and use Logic or Ableton this free download is an absolute must - Add the Swings of the MPC and Maschine to the native Quantise systems of Logic ( 9+X ) and Live (8+9) . Now you can quantise your on screen Midi parts and Warped / Flexed audio parts to exactly the same Grids as the parts you are generating from your favourite beat production centres.  

Installation tutorial : 



Maschine is a trademark of Native Instruments GmbH, MPC is a registered trademark of inMusic Brands Inc. Ableton, is a trademarks of Ableton AG. Logic pro is a trademark of Apple Inc.


Compatibility List:


  • Compatible with MPC Live I and II *
  • Compatible with MPC ONE *
  • Compatible with MPC X *
  • Compatible with MPC Key 61 *
  • Compatible with MPC Studio *
  • Compatible with AKAI Force **
  • Compatible with MPC Standalone *
  • Compatible with MPC Software V2.11

* Requires firmware V2.11 onwards.

** Requires Akai Force OS V32.2 onwards


Legal information :   
Logic Pro, Smart controls, Apple loops and EXS24 are trademarks of Apple Inc. F9 Is not affliliated or endorsed by Apple in any way, and its trademarks are only used to show compatibility with Apple’s Logic Pro Software.
Ableton, Live Pack, Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG. 
Steinberg, Cubase , Haiion Halion SE, vstsound and VST are Trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Studio One, Presence XT and Audioloop are Trademarks of PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.. F9 Is not endorsed or affiliated with Presonus, Its trademark is used solely to identify compatibility with Presonus’s Studio One software and its functionality.
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