F9 Audio : The Secrets of Swing Part 1 - The History

F9 Audio : The Secrets of Swing Part 1 - The History


Learn the Secrets of Swing Rhythm Programming. 

Swing - That irresistible rhythm that breathes funk, life and groove into our musical and percussion elements. Vital in the production of Hip hop, House, R+B, Jazz, Funk and Pop. 

On my travels I've spoken to many producers working in all genres of music and I've found a common thread, Swing (or shuffle as it is called on some drum machines) is one of the most misunderstood terms and techniques in contemporary music. Here at F9 we are on a mission to change that.

As soon as we dived into the subject we realised what a huge topic it is so we have split it into three tutorials. In this first video we explore the history of Swing from the Jazz explosion of the roaring 20s' to the present day and explain why certainly terminology is used in the world of swing thanks to early drum machines that defined Swing in electronic music.

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Other tutorials in the Trilogy:


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