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Style Guide With Point Blank : Techno

Our second style guide with Point Blank featuring the worlds most revered 4/4 genre : techno . In this 2 part video special we discuss the history and origins of the genre and then move onto an experimental method of sound processing for originality using the real world as a backdrop 


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Style Guide with Point Blank : House

A two part Video Special with Point Blank on the history and production style of House music Featuring a very special Original 909. First we discuss the History of House music and some of the technology used by the 80s' house pioneers then recreate that style in a modern DAW: Ableton Live

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10 Logic Pro Tips You can't live without

Logic Pro - One of the most import pieces of production Software ever written. These are 10 of the finest tip Tips I've learnt over the many years of using it . I guarantee you'll find something in here to change your workflow 



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