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How to Make 80's Retro Electric Funk

Love Retro Funk? Watch this multi-part trick-heavy tutorial on how to create 80s funk and soul inside modern DAWS. Learn the history of some of the devices used ( including the infamous MPC swing ) and how we can humanize our beat-making with an incredibly cheap microphone and some surprising percussion sources 

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Free F9 Mix reference Pre-master files

So many of us now use Mix referencing software. The trouble is we often seem to use fully mastered tracks giving us a completely skewed reference point. We present the very first set of professionally mixed Pre-mastered WAV files so you can finally have a decent like-for-like point of reference whilst working. 

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K-Metering and professional gain staging

K-Metering changed my mixing life. I always ended up mixing too hot in digital systems and often felt rudder-less. Let me show you how you can easily re-purpose part of the K-system ( from Bob Katz) to give yourself a mixing target level that could change everything for you.  

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F9 TRAX Los Angeles - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples

F9 TRAX Los Angeles

From £20.95

21St Century Soul - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples

21St Century Soul

From £29.95