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F9 Definitive Guide : Full Vocal remixing

F9 Definitive guide to vocal remixing

Our finest Free tutorial to date - 3 videos take you through an entire vocal remix from start to finish and we cover everything from the technicalities to the politics. Essential watching if you love to work with vocals. 

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Kontakt Quickload - The F9 Definitive Guide

Kontakt's excellent but often overlooked Quickload Features allows any user to build up a customisable database of their favourite instruments that are always easily and speedily available. Its also the perfect way to use your F9 Kontakt patches . Watch our definitive video guide HERE

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F9 Free Production Kick drums

After chatting to a number of producers on Reddit we saw that one of the most common issues facing you guys is getting the bass end right. We hope this early Xmas gift will help

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F9 TRAX Los Angeles - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples

F9 TRAX Los Angeles

From £20.95

21St Century Soul - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples

21St Century Soul

From £29.95