Use Disco to learn how to break the rules of the minor scale.

Use Disco to learn how to break the rules of the minor scale.

It took me 20+ years to learn all of this information in this video. I've made this so you dont have to go through the same process

As a completely self-taught keyboard player, I discovered early on that there are creative ways to temporarily step outside the boundaries of the minor scale, adding a touch of magic to chords, melodies, and harmonies.

The trouble is, I didnt know when, how or even why these tricks should be employednot to mention understanding the underlying reasons for their effectiveness. The reality is that music education follows a particular structure, whereas the techniques I've mastered are scattered across various musical and stylistic theories, much like butter spread across an entire loaf of bread.

This video is exactly what I needed at 18; it would have made everything click for me, especially when explaining these concepts in relation to the simplest of minor scales: A minor (Natural).

Let me know if this moves you too: 


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