About F9 Audio

I screwed up. That is the reason this website exists and why you are reading this very sentence.  

Around 2012 I realised I'd done the one thing that I promised I would never do - Taken my eye off the sonic ball. The sound of contemporary music has shifted beneath my feet, and I needed to catch up. This is the Genesis of F9.

  • Let me introduce myself.

My name is James Wiltshire, and for many years, I was the studio half of Grammy-nominated production, remix, and DJ duo the Freemasons.

At the height of our success we took Beyoncé, Shakira and Kelly Rowland to number 1 in multiple countries. We had topped every single dance chart possible and scored 7 UK chart hits with our own original productions, most notably our cover of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Uninvited’. I also spent the last 5 years touring as a DJ, playing parties of every size on every single continent, except Antarctica . It had been an incredible ride.

When I started F9, it had two purposes:

  1. Bring everything I had learned into focus for the next generation of producers.
  2. Take me back to school full time in terms of sound design, allowing me to navigate the modern hybrid production landscape, investigate technology past and present to help us create some of the most powerful, advanced and highest quality sample packs the industry has ever seen.

Nothing could prepare me for just how complex, exhilarating and ultimately joyous this journey was to be when we started F9.

Having spoken to so many of our customers on email social media and in person at events, I am pleased to say that I consider this the most important and powerful thing I've ever done.

If you ever want to feel happier in any creative endeavour, take it from me, what you really need to do is find a way to help others. Explore ways of using your life experiences to help make the path of those that follow you easier. I say that with now 25 years experience in the professional music industry having worked in every conceivable area and in every discipline.

I came into the music industry at the tail end of the hardware era, jumping from an early dance music production career into the major studio scene in London. I was lucky enough to work on SSLs, Euphonix and Neve consoles, worked with the best microphones, programmed alongside some of the finest engineers and producers the UK has to offer and witness the power of collective thought in the recording process.

F9 is dedicated to creating the most powerful tools possible for modern electronic producers at price points that allow these tools to be used by everybody.

To do this, we harness the extraordinary power of hardware, synthesisers drum machines effects processes, consoles, equalises, compressors, preamps, and more.

I know a lot of you, like me have experienced that joy of flow state when the creativity just runs out of you like a river. There is nothing better in life than starting the day with an idea, a riff or a lyric and ending up with a piece of music by teatime.

If I can help you do this, and achieve any part of the amazing success that I was lucky enough to enjoy in my career then in my opinion, every single minute agonising and worrying over these releases has been time very well spent.

The community that has built around this company I find extraordinary as well as humbling, and if you're reading this far down, come and join us. All are welcome here, no matter what your journey entails.  

James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons ( recording artsist )