F9 AUDIO Frequently Asked Questions ...

Can I use the products on this site in my own music productions ?

Yes absolutely - This is the main purpose of F9 : To Provide World class soundware created by professionals for those making music wether that be for worldwide release, for TV, film or media composition or just to play to your friends and enjoy creating . 

Do I have to pay you any additional Royalties - as in traditional sampling ?

No - ‘Royalty Free’ is an industry standard term in soundware and means that after the initial purchase price for the licence to use these Samples, Audio or Patches you will not have to pay any addition monies as long as the usage of the audio is in line with the terms of the licence/ EULA ( available to read here ) . This is why soundware is considerably more expensive than traditional audio products 

 Can I re-sell the samples ? 

Woah there tiger ! .. We need to clarify one thing - when you purchase from F9 Audio ( and all other soundware sites ) you are buying a licence to use the sounds, patches and other data, not buying the data itself . The Audio, Patches and Data included in the download are still owned by F9 Audio limited but we are licensing you to use them in Musical compositions . Also the rights granted by the licence aren’t transferable . In other words you can’t sell it to your friend - They must buy their own licence 

 Why not ?  Can you go into more detail ? 

Think of it this way - when you buy software ( lets take an photography app as an example ) . You are free to make loads of great pictures with it but you are not allowed to dive into the code , nick some of it’s features or design elements and it’s code then add it to your own app - Its the same with soundware as although the licences are specific to each industry they work in the same way - you are licensed to use the data ( within specific parameters) , you do not own it 

 Layman's terms ? 

 You can make as many tracks out of this as you like and that’s exactly what we want you to do - But you can’t use the audio, patches or data completely by themselves or create competing soundware with them. Also-  the licence you buy is for you only. so you can’t give them the packs or products to make music with - they must buy their own .

Ok fair enough? What are the upsides ?

This is Audio that is designed to work together , not random loops made in isolation - F9 is operated by James Wiltshire the Studio half of the Freemasons a producer trusted not only by every major record label, but by other producers and artists and everything on this site is meticulously designed to make your production life better 

 F9 Audio is dedicated to bringing the work of the world’s finest professional producers and musicians to the fingertips and desktops of every producer worldwide.The session scene has pretty music disappeared . We want to bring back that level of collaboration for the Streaming generation of new producers 

What Details of mine does the site hold ?

We take data protection very seriously and we promise never to knowingly share your personal details with any third party without your consent , please read our privacy policy here. Recent changes in VAT law across Europe mean we have to hold more data than in the years previous 

 You will also be very glad to know that we do not store any of your card or bank details from the transaction - All of that is dealt with by the payment gateways and is secure as the web can be