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If drums are your starting point, why not start with the best? 

Drums are the backbone of any contemporary club production - Getting them right is one of the hardest jobs in production. We aim to help you supercharge this part of the creative process. F9 is proud to present the return of their groundbreaking Drumtrax product line. 

8 Exceptional Stem sets of rums for your next production programmed, produced and mixed by a Grammy-nominated production team then stem mastered by one of the industries' most in-demand set of ears. Add fool-proof DAW support and we believe we can offer the production community something utterly unique. 

See Drumtrax iV in action:


The results are 8 pages of world-class house beats completely arranged within your DAW. Hard-hitting sonics with no plug-in chains, no latency, and all parts balanced using K Metering to help you start your production at an operating level perfect for instant inspiration. 

DRUMTRAX iV contains 8 complete 21st Century House music drum frameworks from 120-125 Bpm. Pre-arranged in club format so you can just dive straight in and start writing. 

  • All 8 drum productions have been stem mastered by Cass Irvine at Wired Masters whose work for labels and artists diverse as Spinnin, Bjork, Fedde Le Grand, Mau5trap have made him one of the most trusted and in-demand engineers working in electronica. His final layer of processing has given these drum sets the very best club-ready sonics we could hope for
  • To allow for intense customization a whole selection of additional looped material is available in the selective DAW formats ( apple loops, pre warped Wav files) as well highlights of the main pages. Careful attention has been paid by Cass at the mastering stage to allow near-instant swapping of parts between the different pages.
  • Drumtrax iV also comes with 14 FREE floor-shaking multi-sampled bass patches lovingly crafted to fit perfectly with the drum arrangements. Hours were spent on the harmonics of each patch in a nod to modern tech-house production techniques so they can provide the weight, warmth, and rumble without feeling bloated or hogging the sub-spectrum.
  • A full PDF manual provides install and page instructions as well as ideas on how to get the best out of this release. 

See Drumtrax iV in action:

Live users will additionally receive a Live pack full of the additional content in Live-Rack and session-view form. Logic users get all audio additionally converted to Apple loops as well as EXS 24 patches and Logic channel strip settings for the bass patches.

All packs contain additional drum kit, drum menu, and bass patches for Kontakt 5.0.1+* , NNXT, Structure and Battery (drums only). 


If you don’t use Logic or Ableton we have 2 WAV options:

  • WAV Pack - All the Stems in shorthand form (32-64 bars long), Drum kits, Menus and bass patches for the following samplers: Battery, Kontakt ( full version required ), Structure, NNXT
  • WAV Stems - 3-part download containing full WAV stems of each arrangement (please note this is a 4.9 gb download and will expand to nearly 10gb)

Screen shots:

Please note this is a drum effect and bass library. All additional elements from the Audio demos are not contained within this release and are there only to show this release in action. The music comes from past and Future F9 releases including BLAST! ft Ben Edwards 

Technical requirements:


  • Logic 9.1.8 or any version of Logic Pro X
  • At least 6gb free disc space for download and decompression

Ableton Live:

  • Live 9.1.4 or any later version of Live
  • At least 6gb free disc space for download and decompression
  • Works with Live Standard or Suite

Additional sampler formats 

  • NNXT - Reason 8+
  • Kontakt - 5.0.1+ (full version, patches will not work with Kontakt Player) 
  • Battery V3

Full pack specs 

Logic Pack :

  • 2.84GB (4.02Gb unzipped)
  • 8 Full Logic beat Arrangement pages
  • 8 Drum EXS24 kits
  • 8 Drum EXS24 menu patches
  • 1 Sound menu demo arrange page
  • 224 Drum and Effect Hits
  • 14 EXS 24 bass instruments
  • 14 Bass channel strip settings
  • 118 Add-on Apple Loops
  • 118 Main page Apple Loops
  • Additional Sampler support
  • 1 PDF User Manual

Live Pack:

  • 2.17GB (3.1Gb unzipped )
  • 8 Full Live beat Arrangement pages
  • 8 Live rack Drum kits
  • 8 Live rack Drum menu patches
  • 1 Sound menu demo arrange page
  • 224 Drum and Effect Hits
  • 14 Live rack bass instruments
  • 118 Add-on Pre warped Loops
  • 118 Main page Pre warped Loops
  • Additional Sampler support
  • 1 PDF User Manual

WAV Pack:

  • 1.8 GB (2.71Gb unzipped)
  • 8 Stem sets
  • 8 Sampler Drum menu patches
  • 8 Sampler Drum Kit patches
  • 224 Drum and Effect Hits
  • 14 Live rack bass instruments
  • 118 Add-on  Loops
  • 118 Main page Loops
  • 1 PDF User Manual

WAV Stem Pack:

  • 3 Zip files totalling 4.72Gb (nearly 10Gb Unzipped)
  • 8 Stem sets with full-length arrangements
  • 8 Sampler Drum menu patches
  • 8 Sampler Drum Kit patches
  • 224 Drum and Effect Hits
  • 14 Live rack bass instruments
  • 118 Add-on  Loops
  • 118 Main page Loops
  • 1 PDF User Manual

All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Compatibility List:


  • Compatible with Logic Pro 10.2.4 (Including M1 and OSX Monterey / Ventura).
  • Compatible with Ableton 9.5,10,11 & 12 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 10 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 11 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 12 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with any DAW that can use WAV stems


Legal :

Logic Pro, Smart Controls, Apple Loops, EXS24, and Apple Silicon are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Ableton, Live Pack, and Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG.
Kontakt, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, and Native Access are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GMBH. Steinberg,
Cubase, HALion, Halion Sonic SE, and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
Bitwig is a trademark of Bitwig GmbH.
AKAI, MPC & Qlink are trademarks of Inmusic Brands Inc.
These trademarks are mentioned exclusively to identify compatibility with the respective companies' music production software and functionalities.
F9 Audio Ltd does not claim any affiliation or endorsement from Apple Inc, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, Native Instruments GMBH, Ableton AG, Bitwig GmbH, or Inmusic Brands Inc. The trademarks of these respective companies are used solely for the purpose of identifying compatibility with their music creation software.
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