21St Century Soul

21St Century Soul - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples

£29.95 - £36.95

Awarded 9/10 in Computer Music! 

F9 Audio is Very proud to present 21st Century Soul . The second instalment in our no-compromise series of sample packs for the producer seeking the most professional and comprehensive set of tools available. WAV files for all DAWs and sampler patches for ESX24, Ableton Live racks Kontakt ( full version ) NNXT + SFZ . 

In the post-EDM world one sound has been pouring out of the world’s headphones and radio speakers : SOUL. Today’s producers are taking the sounds and chordal shapes of the past and fusing them with the production values and sonics of the future.

You hear it in the Toronto Hip Hop that’s taken over the worlds charts. You hear it in the gravely gospel-drenched vocals of the likes of Rag and Bone man or the Neo-retro sound of Jorja Smith , Frank Ocean and John Legend. Soul is everywhere and is a welcome return to rich complex chords after the Stadium triads and Rock-esque powerchords that have dominated electronica over the last 10 years .

Before we created this immense pack we asked ourselves - What we we personally want from ‘21st Century Soul”?  The answer was simple : Big fat musical hooks and lots of them with Beats that just work. For decades Vintage Soul has been plundered by the very finest Hip Hop producers, but now sampling original vinyl is just not financially viable for 99% of recording artists.

21ST Century Soul in Computer Music

Just a brief glance of the specs below will illustrate the countless hooks, riffs and melodies in this pack but we also have some brand new concepts: . Maxi riffs - Huge soulful motifs played on multiple instruments by live by top-drawer musicians that are just crying out to be plundered. inspiration loops - Try one of these multi instrument mini-productions for instant gratification in your beat. Resampled Loops - Once we finished we just chopped parts up and started again - Unique and incredibly forward thinking. Wherever possible Midi Files are available

But soul is nothing without the drums right ? This pack hits the spot perfectly and gives you everything you need from Heartbroken 808s to Multi-layered drum productions alongside Future -Retro Drum parts mixed with exceptional modern bite . All of these are set against perfectly processed Acoustic recordings.

We’re always looking to make soundware more useful and here we present: Mini Stems & Loops in 1 pack - How many times have you purchased a pack with everything normalised then struggled to get all the beats to work with each other. Inside this pack are a clutch of drum stem sets ( 17 deluxe - 13 Standard ) that give you a near perfect launchpad. The stems are drag and drop and are mixed to work perfectly together and are never over processed so you can add your own sonic stamp. Normal Loops are of course also available of every single part ( and more ). Check the video for more info

Deluxe edition users get an entire extra 1Gig of audio including a whole set of additional drum sounds

We hope you can hear from the demos and the video just how much work went into this incredible collection and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it’s creation.

Equipment used in this packs creation:

73 Suitcase Electric Piano , Roland V Piano with V2.2 Engine upgrade .Moog Minimoog , Slim Phatty and Voyager, Korg Minologue, . Neve 1081 + 33135 Pre amps and Equalisers. API 512 Pre amps, Neumann TLM 147 Valve Mic, Shure SM-7B Mic, Supberlux R102 Ribbon Mic, Chandler Lil devil 500 series EQs , SSL Xrack Super analogue EQ + Dynamics , Stereo Moog MF 101 Filter pedals, Electron Heat distortion unit, Original Roland TR 808, Hand crafted labs Valve compressor, Chandler Zener Limiter. Kush Audio Fatso. Roland TR8, Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 4, GML 8900 Dynamic range controller, GML 8200 Equaliser, Thermionic Culture Vulture plus 15 . Fostex, Oban and AKG spring reverbs. Roland V- synth, Eventide Eclipse, Reverb and modulation pedals OTO Bam desktop reverb , DSI Prophet 6, Acoustic pianos , Zoom H6 Location recorder, DSI Tempest, Boss SP505 sampler (Vinyl Sim) Line 6 POD HD pro, VOX Valetronic VX-20 Dunlop Wah, Sansamp Tri-AC +Various guitar pedals. Fender Stratocaster Fender Jazz bass (US), Custom Paul Nash Bass . Vintage Technics cassette decks and 2 boxes full of percussion . Zildjan Cymbals, Sabian Hi hats, Various snare drums 

Deluxe Edition

  • 5.08Gb 24bit Audio
  • 294 Beat and Drum loops
  • 17 Separate Beat stem packs with 169 Wav stems
  • 246 Midi files
  • 228 Chord samples
  • 400 drum samples Including 141 Deluxe drum samples
  • 73 Bass loops
  • 68 Synth Loops
  • 56 Maxi Riff files
  • 56 Resampled loops
  • 21 Inspiration loops
  • 87 Tape delay hits
  • 60 Electric piano loops
  • 63 Piano loops
  • 41 FX & Vox Loops
  • 42 Grunge layers
  • 50 Guitar loops
  • 41 Key Loops
  • 43 Organ Loops
  • 30 String and pad loops
  • 40 Kontakt Instruments with Custom GUI + controls *
  • 40 Soft sampler patches - EXS 24, Live racks, NNXT, SFZ, Structure

Standard Edition

  • 4.01Gb 24bit Audio
  • 244 Beat and Drum loops
  • 13 Separate Beat stem packs with 130 Wav stems
  • 219 Midi Files
  • 228 Chord samples
  • 259 drum samples
  • 47 Bass loops
  • 50 Synth Loops
  • 43 Maxi Riff files
  • 45 Resampled loops
  • 21 Inspiration loops
  • 87 Tape delay hits
  • 46 Electric piano loops
  • 63 Piano loops
  • 41 FX & Vox Loops
  • 42 Grunge layers
  • 36 Guitar loops
  • 32 Key Loops
  • 43 Organ Loops
  • 24 String and pad loops
  • 35 Kontakt Instruments with Custom GUI + controls *
  • 35 Soft sampler patches - EXS24, Live racks, NNXT + SFZ

 *Please note - the Kontakt part of this release requires a full version of Kontakt - It will not work correctly with the Free Kontakt Player 

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