Style Guide With Point Blank: Techno

Style Guide With Point Blank: Techno

Techno: Even the word itself speaks volumes. The late 20th century explosion in electronic 4/4 based club music bore many genres but only one has remained so painfully upfront. The 70s and 80s saw places all over the world twin themselves with towns they considered of equal status. How many times are the vastly different cities and cultures of Berlin and Detroit mentioned when discussing techno? but look deeper in the origins of techno (and even it's name) and you'll see that the factories and heavily automated production lines of both cities play a vital role in creating the sound of man and machine in Harmony. 

F9 is very proud to preset the second of our style guides in association with Point Blank: Techno 

Now lets try and find new ways to make sounds. I've always been a fan of stepping away from the computer as much as possible when creating and here's why:




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