Transfering Logic Pro X Projects From Desktop to iPad

Transfering Logic projects from Desktop computers to iPad

Logic Pro for iPad is a fantastic addition to Apple music production software suite. It's not plain sailing though to move projects built on a desktop machine over to an iPad.

This is our F9 guide on how to achieve this, and what to look out for within your F9 projects and your own.

Major differerences for Logic Projects 

You may have Logic features within your projects that are not compatible with your iPad. Here are the most important to be aware of for project transfer:

  • Logic for iPad does not have external midi tracks, you must use the "External instrument" plug-in for this. This means running an audio instrument channel for all of you're external midi. 
  • Logic for iPad cannot handle Folder Tracks this means all of your folder tracks will need to be unpacked.
  • Logic for iPad cannot handle "No Output" tracks. Please remove any of these from your project.
  • Most importantly, logic for iPad cannot handle Track Stacks in either form, whether they be 'folder stacks' or 'summing stacks'.You can achieve the same functionality by creating a new auxiliary return and feeding all of your stacked tracks to that auxiliary and copying the current processing on any summing stack, but you must not have any track stacks on your arrangement, as logic will consider these to be folders.

Please note without changes made to cover the above issues logic for iPad, will simply refuse to load your project.

Sample based Instruments + Kits

Many of the F9 releases are built around an instrument library and our PDF manuals show you how to install this library.

Currently in Logic Pro for iPad the sound library folders required are hidden from user view,  so for the moment we can't install in the same way.

The good news is, you can build projects inside of your desktop machine, load them up with tracks containing F9 instruments, and then save these projects in the encapsulated form Logic Pro allows so that they can easily be loaded on to your iPad version of logic, it requires a bit more manual intervention than you may be used to for F9 releases but it also allows you to fully choose the content you wish to see.

Let's now cover all of this in detail by taking an F9 tracks project and converting it into a form perfectly readable by iPad logic. 

Here is an F9 TRAX Project

At the top in this example is an empty track we have used to create a guide. Delete this. 
We use hidden tracks to provide MPC and Maschine Grooves in Logic. We need to delete them. Open the Hidden tracks here:
When the groove folder track appears, delete it:
We have created a simple Logic session with all grooves on one track,  Download this file HERE
Once downloaded, head to the Logic file system tab, find the downloaded Logic page and double click on it to open the import options.
There is ony 1 track in this project, to import it, click this 1st checkbox
Now select all the midi files on the imported track. you can then click on the Quantise list in the region inspector. 
Scroll all the way down and click on this option (please make sure you have all the groove midi files first). 
You can then see the additional groove in the Qunatise list :
For any Track Stacks, please flatten them (be aware of the change of processing).
Now scan through and make sure any of the following are removed from your session:
1 - Empty Tracks / "No Output" tracks. 
2 - Folder tracks. 
3 - External Midi tracks.
4 - Track stacks of any kind. 
5 - Any 3rd party plugins - these will not work on your ipad. 
Now head to 'Save as" in the file menu and select "Project" instead of folder. Tick all of the content boxes so everything your project needs to work correctly on a new system. This will embedd all of the multisampled / drum kit data. 
You can then transfer to your Logic Package to ipad using Airdrop, iCloud drive, or USB Drives. 
Logic on the ipad will tell you of any further Issues for you to solve :
When opened on the ipad, the grooves will always be on srceen, please do not delete them. Everythign should now playback perfectly. 

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