F9 TRAX Electric Disco II

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8Gb of Playable Patches, Technique and Inspiration  

Ever since we started the F9 TRAX range of releases, we’ve been bowled over by the response from our friends and customers at F9. Coming from a disco background, I wanted to personally take this release to a level not seen anywhere else in the sample industry.

Welcome to F9 TRAX - Electric Disco II

With over 160 patches across an extraordinary 8Gb sound library and created over 5 months, we feel this release is untouched in its detail, power and price-point. Releasing during 2022, we are painfully aware of the issues all creative people face with cost-of-living rising across the entire planet so we’ve done our absolute best to keep this as reasonable as we can.

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Production Tutorial Part 1 - Intro and Drums / FX

If you’re new to F9 TRAX, please buckle up - This release contains 5 entire DAW projects for Logic Pro X and Ableton Live with additional full-length WAV stem editions, plus the patches converted to Kontakt 5.8.1 onwards.

Our DAW TRAX projects are completely powered by multi-sampled instruments played via midi, giving you access to absolutely every nuance and note, making these the most flexible and downright useful template releases in existence.

Absolutely no 3rd-party plugins are required to run these projects - we use only built-in DAW tools from Logic and Ableton. Let us show you exactly how good your DAW can sound when it's fed the correct material. No need to worry about updates either!

Production Tutorial Part 2 - Basses & Guitars

Each DAW project comes with a detailed description called a session note that covers its production, sounds, music and mixing so we can not only give you the immense library but show you exactly how to use them in the comfort of your own creative space.

You can pick apart any aspect of these projects in your own time and see how professional and musically rich productions are composed, produced and finished.

For a long time I’ve been threatening to put together videos about disco production techniques Then - we had a brainwave - add all the tricks to these track projects and show you everything in the walkthrough videos.

I truly hope you love this release - it was built with love and passion for the modern collision between electronica and disco - a genre that always has and always will be the people’s music!


James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons (artists)

Production Tutorial  Part 3 - Keys, Synths and Brass Section

Nu-Disco Musical Tricks - How to break the rules of the minor scale

Production Tutorial  - Nu Disco Mixing Tricks 

The Projects ...F9 EDII San Fran Screenshots

F9 TRAX San Fransisco 123Bpm C Minor 

  • This project is all about a groove - the main bass vamp that is this project’s defining theme. We pull away from it in numerous ways throughout the production, whether that be to chordal modulations or more simplistic one-note vamps, or the classic late-70s-styled disco breakdown that’s filled to the rafters with Disco Synth Fx from this pack’s sound menus. The very best vamps and riffs are nearly always quite simple and play to the minor pentatonic scale so coming out for a moment or two ( check the chords just before the middle disco breakdown ) can really help to drive the power of your main riff home once you return to it.
  • Lead sounds sampled from the world’s most famous 3 Oscillator synth provide soaring melodies from bar 65 onwards whilst staccato brass from the exclusive F9 Playable instruments add drama and energy. Everything always returns to the main groove until we end on a final coda section whose 4th chord ‘borrows’ a C major root chord before heading back to the minor scale.
F9 EDII Munich Screenshots

F9 TRAX Munich 123Bpm E Minor

  • During the early 80s as the post-disco movement collided with the brand new Electronica and Synthesiser scene, dance music changed forever. From the moment Donna Summer’s seminal classic ‘I Feel Love’ graced the world's dance floors, a genie was let out of a bottle never to return. In Europe ( Germany and Italy in particular ) the clash of synthesisers, drum machines and disco took off like a rocket.
  • With this project we wanted to pay tribute to the Italo-disco and northern European Hi-Nrg movements, but with a contemporary twist. This project perfectly illustrates the classic analogue and digital synth sources used for the detailed sampling process of this pack’s patch library.
F9 EDII Stockholm Screenshots

F9 TRAX Stockholm 123Bpm E Minor

  • Disco and house music have always been a perfect match. The main house rhythm was pretty much a direct copy of the sloshy open-hat end of late 70s disco and we wanted to cover it here but with a modern production edge and flourishes. I’ve been asked many times to supply a TRAX project nodding to the freemasons material and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
  • The main musical section uses a ton of harmonic tricks that I will talk about on this page in the video covering the music. We’ve thrown as many as we possibly could in here. It’s all about knowing where and when to break the rigidity of your chosen musical scale and plunder the richer notes.
  • This is production is a perfect example of the depth of the amazing patch library contained in this release working together.
F9 EDII Ritual Screenshots

F9 TRAX Ritual 123Bpm G Minor

  • There’s been a powerful collision between Nu Disco and Pop just recently and with this production, we wanted to show how these two genres can gel together perfectly. This project moves between contemporary pop sections with drone basses and atmosphere to funk-driven chorus and bridge sections seamlessly.
  • An immensely tight rhythm section carries a background played on the “Soul Pluck’ instrument from the collection and we add carefully considered layers of instrumentation as we progress.
  • Sonically this is deliberately modern and illustrates just how contemporary disco sounds this decade. In times of strife, all roads lead to disco.
F9 EDII Republic Screenshots

F9 TRAX Republic 110Bpm C Minor

  • Contemporary Pop and R&B have been colliding with Nu-disco for some time and here we drop the tempo and come off the dance floor for a moment at 110Bpm. We also wanted to show you how important layering of Electric pianos and warm synth sounds can be, but most importantly we wanted to show you an important musical trick employed on the 1st chord of the principal musical section.
  • Warm, musical Keys are layered together and the use of Cmajor 7th as the 1st chord of the main harmonic sequence instantly gives out a bright feeling of summer. We add many other musical sections to show you just how versatile these Major-led sequences can be and the alternative sections delve into the more digitally sourced patches of this collection, instantly providing some contrast from the main analogue and electric piano patches in use throughout.
  • We’ve used two of the multi-sampled electric bass patches in this collection - see if you can hear where the second takes over. 

System Requirements & Specs

  • 20GB Free disk space for unpacking and installation ( 30Gb required for WAV version) 
  • Ableton Live 9.6 onwards ( including 10, 11 & 12 ) Standard or Suite (This release will not work with Live intro or Live Lite) M1 users, please run Ableton in native mode - No need for Rosetta
  • Logic Pro X 10.2.6 Onwards including OSX 11 all Apple Silicon Hardware 
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards (full version required - this will not work with the free player editions of Kontakt) 

Logic Pro X Specs

  • 9.37Gb Total Size
  • 5 Main DAW Projects
  • Full Session Notes
  • 6 Startup Projects
  • 160+ Patches (Previews available via Apple loops)
  • 216 BONUS Apple loops
  • 216 BONUS WAV Loops
  • Full PDF Manual

Ableton Specs

  • 8.8 Gb Total Size
  • 5 Main DAW Projects
  • Full Session Notes
  • 6 Startup Projects
  • 160+ Live Racks (Previews available as Live clips)
  • 216 BONUS (pre-warped) WAV Loops
  • Full PDF Manual

Wav Edition Specs

  • 20.1Gb Total Size
  • 5 Complete Stem sets
  • 613 Main Music WAV Loops
  • 216 BONUS Loops
  • Composite midi files of 5 main projects
  • Full PDF Manual

Kontakt Specs (Full Install of Kontakt required)

  • 5.56Gb Total Size (using Kontakt's lossless compression)  
  • 160+ Kontakt instruments
  • 10 Macro Controls
  • 339 Midi Files
  • Full PDF Manual
F9 Edit Kontakt GUI

The Sound Libary Patch List: 

1 - Drums (Sound menus)

  • F9 T_EDII Atmos Loops
  • F9 T_EDII Bells & Chimes
  • F9 T_EDII Cowbells
  • F9 T_EDII Cymbals
  • F9 T_EDII Disco Etoms 1
  • F9 T_EDII Disco Etoms 2
  • F9 T_EDII Disco Etoms 3
  • F9 T_EDII Disco Timps
  • F9 T_EDII FX Hits
  • F9 T_EDII Hard Claps
  • F9 T_EDII Hats 1
  • F9 T_EDII Hats 2
  • F9 T_EDII JXP Bomb
  • F9 T_EDII JXP Zapp
  • F9 T_EDII Kicks
  • F9 T_EDII Lazer Syn Toms
  • F9 T_EDII Live Clap
  • F9 T_EDII May 4th Toms
  • F9 T_EDII Nordic Disco FX
  • F9 T_EDII Percussion
  • F9 T_EDII Pre Shifts
  • F9 T_EDII Reverb Drum Hits
  • F9 T_EDII Shakers
  • F9 T_EDII Snares Super Tight
  • F9 T_EDII Steam-pipe Snare
  • F9 T_EDII Tambourines
  • F9 T_EDII Tight Claps
  • F9 T_EDII Tight Snares
  • F9 T_EDII Toms
  • F9 T_EDII Triangles
  • F9 T_EDII Vinyl Loops
  • F9 T_EDII Zild Live Hi Hat1

2 - Basses

  • F9 EDII Alpha Funk Bass
  • F9 EDII Bass Slides Fast
  • F9 EDII Blindside Bass
  • F9 EDII Creamy Bass
  • F9 EDII Disco Driven Bass
  • F9 EDII Disco Fire Bass
  • F9 EDII Full Bass
  • F9 EDII JP8 Pulse Bass
  • F9 EDII Juno Neon Bass
  • F9 EDII JXp Slides
  • F9 EDII Kelly Bass
  • F9 EDII Live Bass Slides
  • F9 EDII MMan Bass
  • F9 EDII Mutate Bass
  • F9 EDII Nash Funky Bass
  • F9 EDII Nu Disco Bass
  • F9 EDII Nu-Disco Sub
  • F9 EDII P5 Pulse Bass
  • F9 EDII Reka Drone Bass
  • F9 EDII Slider Bass
  • F9 EDII Spike Juno Bass
  • F9 EDII Sub 808
  • F9 EDII Thrilled Bass
  • F9 EDII Warm Disco Bass
  • F9 EDII Weekend Bass

3 - Keys & Pianos

  • F9 EDII Piano Stack
  • F9 EDII Disco Whirly 2
  • F9 EDII Disco Grand 2
  • F9 EDII Neo Epiano
  • F9 EDII Disco Grand
  • F9 EDII Layer Epiano
  • F9 EDII 70s Taped Piano
  • F9 EDII Disco Whirly

4 - Guitars

  • F9 EDII 80s Disco Guitar
  • F9 EDII Disco Guitar
  • F9 EDII Disco Picks
  • F9 EDII Disco Wah Gtr
  • F9 EDII Guitar Noise FX
  • F9 EDII Mutate Pick Gtr
  • F9 EDII Muted Dbl Track
  • F9 EDII Muted Gtr 1
  • F9 EDII Muted Gtr 2
  • F9 EDII Synth Gtr

5 - Synths

  • F9 EDII 3P Ping
  • F9 EDII Bandaxal
  • F9 EDII Brass Lead
  • F9 EDII Disco Lead
  • F9 EDII Disco Poly
  • F9 EDII Disco Rez Dive
  • F9 EDII Evolver Bite
  • F9 EDII Evolver Blowfish
  • F9 EDII Juno Bite Poly
  • F9 EDII Juno Class
  • F9 EDII Juno Rise
  • F9 EDII Juno Whip Ld
  • F9 EDII JXP Clouds
  • F9 EDII JXP Timeless
  • F9 EDII Metal Poly
  • F9 EDII Midnight Lead
  • F9 EDII Mod Riser
  • F9 EDII Mog Lead Saw
  • F9 EDII Mog Paris Ld
  • F9 EDII Mog Power Ld
  • F9 EDII MPopcorn
  • F9 EDII Nord Gothic
  • F9 EDII Nord Sweep
  • F9 EDII Nord Yieah
  • F9 EDII OBX Daft Funk
  • F9 EDII OBX Disco Brass
  • F9 EDII OBX Disco Squidge
  • F9 EDII OBX Extreme Poly
  • F9 EDII OBX Funk Blip
  • F9 EDII OBX Open Brass
  • F9 EDII OBX Pulstar
  • F9 EDII OBX Sugarplum
  • F9 EDII OBX Uptight Brass
  • F9 EDII OBX Yacht Brass
  • F9 EDII Oxide Poly
  • F9 EDII P1 FunkLead
  • F9 EDII P5 Acre Plk
  • F9 EDII P5 DIsco Poly
  • F9 EDII P5 Force 5
  • F9 EDII P5 Munich Blip
  • F9 EDII P5 Munich Ld
  • F9 EDII P5 Rezoid
  • F9 EDII P5 Rhapsody
  • F9 EDII Quadra Saws
  • F9 EDII Terradive
  • F9 EDII The Cars Ld

6 - Keys, Plucks and Bells

  • F9 EDII Clav Funk
  • F9 EDII Clav Phase
  • F9 EDII Disco Bellz
  • F9 EDII Disco Harp
  • F9 EDII Funk Clav Low
  • F9 EDII Heavy Pluck
  • F9 EDII JXP Clav
  • F9 EDII JXP Thin_Bells
  • F9 EDII JXP XBells
  • F9 EDII Mallet Plk
  • F9 EDII OBX C90 Plk
  • F9 EDII OBX Italo Pluck
  • F9 EDII OBX Robot Funk
  • F9 EDII Orch Stab
  • F9 EDII PSS Celeste
  • F9 EDII PSS Delight
  • F9 EDII Republic Keys
  • F9 EDII Retro Fi Pluck
  • F9 EDII Soul Growl
  • F9 EDII Soul Pluck

7 - Strings and Brass

  • F9 EDII Bones Stacc
  • F9 EDII Bourne Strs
  • F9 EDII Brass Fall
  • F9 EDII Brass SFZ Long
  • F9 EDII Brass SFZ Short
  • F9 EDII Brass SFZ Warm
  • F9 EDII Brass Stacc Warm
  • F9 EDII Brass Sus Warm
  • F9 EDII Disco Bowed Strs
  • F9 EDII Disco Fast Strs
  • F9 EDII Disco Pizz
  • F9 EDII Disco Saxes Stacc
  • F9 EDII Disco Spicc Strs
  • F9 EDII Disco Stacc Strings II
  • F9 EDII Drama Stabs
  • F9 EDII Horns Stacc High
  • F9 EDII Indie Strings
  • F9 EDII Ohio Strs
  • F9 EDII Solina Str
  • F9 EDII String Disco Strikes


Compatibility List:


  • Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.2.4. Onwards (including M1 and OSX Monterey / Ventura)
  • Compatible with Ableton 9.5 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 10 onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 11 onwards (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 12 (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards (Requires a full install of Kontakt - not the free Kontakt editions) 


Legal :

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Ableton, Live Pack, and Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG.
Kontakt, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, and Native Access are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GMBH. Steinberg,
Cubase, HALion, Halion Sonic SE, and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
Bitwig is a trademark of Bitwig GmbH.
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