F9 Origins : Classic Club Keys & Synths

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11GB+ of Multisampled Classics

333 instruments - The sound of 90s clubbing, direct inside your DAW. Our biggest F9 release to date! 

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🔴   To say this release is personal is an understatement. This is my music and always will be and I'm so incredibly proud to bring together so many of the sounds, patches and atmosphere that shaped house music's origins.   

  • This pack is the pinnacle of the Origins series of no-compromise packs, and is the result of over 12 months of work sourcing the hardware, designing the sounds and carefully multi-sampling & hand-tweaking the results. 
  • The only way to get a truly authentic set of instruments is to go back to the original hardware in use at the time. I cannot tell you what a joy it has been to work with the $30,000+ of equipment used in this release. I made house music professionally in the early 90s and would have given a limb to have easy access to the machines and to have these sounds in 1 place. I now can't leave these patches alone - They are the sound of my youth and their (often Low-bit) sonic signature is engrained on my soul & memories. 
  • We wanted to present these sounds in the most inspirational way possible, so this release comes with 5 DAW demo sessions for Logic and Ableton that not only show you exactly what you can achieve with these stellar patches but also delivers you multiple sets of beat stems and inspirational starting points I hope you will return to for years. The first 5 audio demos are inside this pack as DAW sessions. 


Thank you to everyone who commented or gave ideas for this pack as we progressed through development, I've tried to include as many as possible. I hope you love this release as much as I have making it & I cant wait to hear how you put it to use. 

James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons ( artists )  

"... in the world of everything being hyped over-the-top amazing and other superlatives way to easily, the Classic Club Keys & Synths pack is for real massively insanely amazing! Thanks for your hard and painstaking work... " 
- Darude 

To see the Kontakt edition - click HERE

Hardware equipment used in this release:

Sound sources **  

Akai S612 + S950 12 bit Samplers, S3200XL, Juno 106, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4, SH101 Alpha Juno 2, Yamaha TX802, TX81Z, DX100, SY55, SY77, SY22, Kurzweil K250, K2000R, Roland JX-1 Various JVs, JD800, JP8080, MKS70, Korg Various M+T series, MS-20, Moog Minimoog (re-issue) Casio CZ101, Waldorf Microwave V1, Q, Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4, Prophet VS, Ensoniq ESQ-1, SQ80. 

Outboard + Effects** 

Yamaha SPX 1000, SPX 990, Alesis Quadraverb, Lexicon 300, Neve 1081, Neve 33112, GML 8900, GML 8200, API 512, API 526, SSL X-Rack (multiple modules), SSL Fusion, Overstayer Modular Channel, Otto Boum, Boss stereo EQ Pedal,  Teac 144 Portastudio. 

The 333 patches in this release having been lovingly crafted using our extensive collection of analogue hardware. We have developed unique processes and sampling strategies that give our patches the edge straight out of the box. 

The details of this release: 

  • 11GB+ of Multi-Sampled instruments, Sourced from classic hardware devices. 
  • 333 Live racks / Logic Patches with macro / smart controls 
  • 6 Sets of future-retro beat stems 
  • 5 DAW demo projects 
  • 10 Startup Pages 
" I have just been through all the Classic keys Apple loop demos and have to say you have outdone yourself. Literally you have made a sample pack that is so good that you can now retire and go back to your own music productions. A clock and a gold watch is in the post for you" 
- Paul C, UK (1st purchaser of this pack) 

System requirements  

  • Logic Pro X 10.2.2 or Later (Fully compatible with 10.6.X, Big Sur,  and Apple Silicon) 
  • Ableton Live (STD or Suite) 9.5 onwards including Live 10, 11 & 12
  • A fully Paid install of Kontakt 5.8 onwards**  for the Kontakt bundle options 

Please note - This release will not work with Ableton live Intro / Lite, **The Kontakt options will not work with free editions of Kontakt or Kontakt Player 

All audio demos were created entirely using the sounds in this release. One Additional buss compressor (Eventide Omnipressor)  +  Ozone 9's EQ & Limiter was used solely on the master channel. 


Why Use F9? 

If you are new to F9 let me explain, we create multi-sampled playable instruments that run directly inside your DAW using the built-in tools (no 3rd party plugins). This has enormous benefits for you as a producer.
  • No need to worry about Plugin updates
  • No need to worry about OS updates breaking plugins / your projects 
  • No need to worry about DAW updates breaking plugins / your projects 
  • User interfaces you are used to 
  • All samples can be saved with the project - making archiving easy
  • Your F9 patches will load in your DAW for years to come 

Patch List:


  • F9 OR 8Bit Chicago Stab
  • F9 OR 8Bit Detroit Stab
  • F9 OR 8Bit NYC Stab
  • F9 OR Alpha Stab
  • F9 OR Amnesia Stab
  • F9 OR Another Detroit Stab
  • F9 OR Austria Orch Stab
  • F9 OR Beach House Stab
  • F9 OR Begin Stab
  • F9 OR Bora Stab
  • F9 OR Brass Neck Stabs
  • F9 OR Chilli Stab
  • F9 OR Cobsie Stab
  • F9 OR Daylight Stab
  • F9 OR DC Stab
  • F9 OR Diggs Stab
  • F9 OR Disco Stabs
  • F9 OR Dreamscape Stab
  • F9 OR Eden Stab
  • F9 OR Encro Stab
  • F9 OR Enviro Stab
  • F9 OR FAC71 Stab
  • F9 OR FullCircle Stab
  • F9 OR Hacienda Stab
  • F9 OR Hexagon Stab
  • F9 OR Hollywood Stab
  • F9 OR Journey Stab
  • F9 OR Knives Syn
  • F9 OR Ku Stab
  • F9 OR London Stab
  • F9 OR Manitou Stab
  • F9 OR Michigan Stab 2
  • F9 OR Michigan Stab
  • F9 OR Motion Stab
  • F9 OR Namesake Stab
  • F9 OR Not Alone Stab
  • F9 OR Octagon Stab
  • F9 OR Orange Stab
  • F9 OR Organ Stab
  • F9 OR Pacsha Stab
  • F9 OR Paradis Stab
  • F9 OR Payday Stab
  • F9 OR Peppa Stab
  • F9 OR Piquante Stab
  • F9 OR Plane Stab
  • F9 OR Playa Stab
  • F9 OR Police Stab
  • F9 OR Prague Orch Stab 
  • F9 OR Privalidge Stab
  • F9 OR Prudent Stab
  • F9 OR Sauced Stab
  • F9 OR Snakes Stab
  • F9 OR Space Stab
  • F9 OR Square Stab
  • F9 OR Staccato Stab
  • F9 OR Stacker Stab
  • F9 OR Tech Chord 1
  • F9 OR Tech Chord 2
  • F9 OR Triangle Stab
  • F9 OR Vicks Stab
  • F9 OR Vision Stab 


  • F9 OR 3AM Eternal
  • F9 OR 3AM Telephone
  • F9 OR Afrika Seq
  • F9 OR Anthem Arp
  • F9 OR Around the Wub
  • F9 OR Blade Run
  • F9 OR Cars
  • F9 OR Chicken Beaks
  • F9 OR Chimera
  • F9 OR Cubik Prophet
  • F9 OR Da Lead
  • F9 OR Dessert Storm Ld
  • F9 OR Digistone
  • F9 OR Dirty 5th
  • F9 OR Flash 202 Acid
  • F9 OR French Kissing Brass
  • F9 OR French Kissing
  • F9 OR FunkWire
  • F9 OR Hoover Dam
  • F9 OR JP4 WhipLash
  • F9 OR Juno Fat
  • F9 OR Juno Stab
  • F9 OR Juno Wub
  • F9 OR JX Brass
  • F9 OR Low Rider
  • F9 OR Metal Mod 2
  • F9 OR Midnight Tech
  • F9 OR MWave Blap
  • F9 OR MWave Davos
  • F9 OR MWave Erics
  • F9 OR MWave LA Angel
  • F9 OR MWave Megabits
  • F9 OR MWave Pastor
  • F9 OR MWave Raptor
  • F9 OR MWave Slaps
  • F9 OR MWetal Mod 1
  • F9 OR OBX Don't Go
  • F9 OR OBX Laserbeam
  • F9 OR OBX Wibble
  • F9 OR Q Mega Poly
  • F9 OR Robot Rock
  • F9 OR Rough Ride
  • F9 OR Slippy Chords
  • F9 OR Snap Seq
  • F9 OR Spaceboy Ld
  • F9 OR SQ8 Cyber
  • F9 OR SQ8 Rave
  • F9 OR Strangedove
  • F9 OR Syncronize Ld
  • F9 OR TX Brass
  • F9 OR TX Pick
  • F9 OR Under Rez A
  • F9 OR Under Rez D
  • F9 OR UnisonParty
  • F9 OR Vector JP8


  • F9 OR 101 Bass Organ
  • F9 OR 101 Pure Organ
  • F9 OR Bee3 Org
  • F9 OR Calvin Klein Organ
  • F9 OR Cassette Organ
  • F9 OR Felix Organ
  • F9 OR Ham Radish Organ
  • F9 OR House Organ
  • F9 OR Justify Org
  • F9 OR Knackered Org
  • F9 OR Leslie Organ
  • F9 OR Low Bit Organ
  • F9 OR Master Organ
  • F9 OR Miles Organ
  • F9 OR New Jersey Organ
  • F9 OR Org bass
  • F9 OR Paradise Organ
  • F9 OR Pride Organ
  • F9 OR Sandys Organ
  • F9 OR Sandys Organ 2
  • F9 OR What is Luv Org
  • F9 OR Wills Org

Pianos ** :

  • F9 OR Accelerate Piano
  • F9 OR 1989 Piano
  • F9 OR 1994 Piano
  • F9 OR Cassette Piano
  • F9 OR Classic House Piano
  • F9 OR Downtown Epno 
  • F9 OR Floppy Disc Piano
  • F9 OR Garden PIano
  • F9 OR House Grand
  • F9 OR Love lives Piano
  • F9 OR Piano Warm Layer
  • F9 OR Ratio Piano
  • F9 OR Soulful Epno
  • F9 OR SQ8 BellPno
  • F9 OR SQ8 Piano Pad
  • F9 OR SQ8 Piano
  • F9 OR Stanton Piano
  • F9 OR Twilight Piano
  • F9 OR White Piano


  • F9 OR Dexter Strings
  • F9 OR Alias Strings
  • F9 OR Belfast Strings
  • F9 OR Big fun Strings
  • F9 OR Classic JX Strings
  • F9 OR Excell Strings
  • F9 OR Full Strings
  • F9 OR Go Strings
  • F9 OR Hard Analog Strings
  • F9 OR House Strings
  • F9 OR Low Bit Strings
  • F9 OR M8 Bee Strings
  • F9 OR M8 PWM Strings
  • F9 OR Microwave Strings 2
  • F9 OR Microwave Strings
  • F9 OR Placement Strings
  • F9 OR Prophet 10 String
  • F9 OR Rave Legato Strings
  • F9 OR SandStorm Str
  • F9 OR Sixteen Short Str
  • F9 OR Strings of Life
  • F9 OR Ultra Strings
  • F9 OR Vector Strings

Plucks & Gtrs: 

  • F9 OR Digi Marimba
  • F9 OR 9AM Guitar
  • F9 OR Candi Pluck
  • F9 OR Cosmos Pluck
  • F9 OR Driving Pluck
  • F9 OR EBT Nylon Gtr
  • F9 OR Erins Pluck
  • F9 OR ESQ FM Flower
  • F9 OR FM Nylon
  • F9 OR Glitter Plucks
  • F9 OR Harpsonic
  • F9 OR Hvy Gtr
  • F9 OR Insomnia
  • F9 OR Island
  • F9 OR JP8 Skydive Pluck 2
  • F9 OR JP8 Skydive Pluck
  • F9 OR JP8K Pluck
  • F9 OR Juno Plk
  • F9 OR Korea Accy
  • F9 OR Koto
  • F9 OR Marim
  • F9 OR Missing Gtr
  • F9 OR OBX Progression Pluck
  • F9 OR Odin Pluck
  • F9 OR Paradise Plk
  • F9 OR Saw Harpsi
  • F9 OR Sequential Pluck
  • F9 OR Shamen
  • F9 OR SQ8 Gtr
  • F9 OR SQ8 Harp
  • F9 OR SQ8 Kalimba
  • F9 OR SQ8 Mallet
  • F9 OR SQ8 Pluck
  • F9 OR Starchild Pluck
  • F9 OR Steel Mallets
  • F9 OR Symphony Pluck
  • F9 OR Trancer Plk
  • F9 OR Vect Pizz
  • F9 OR Vintage Pizz
  • F9 OR Xylo

Classic Keys: 

  • F9 OR Basement Sax
  • F9 OR 12bit Sax
  • F9 OR Bellaruz Bell
  • F9 OR Bellz
  • F9 OR Big Bellz
  • F9 OR Big Fun Voice
  • F9 OR Big Poly
  • F9 OR Carma Keys
  • F9 OR Carma Vibes
  • F9 OR Chiff1
  • F9 OR China Clav
  • F9 OR Clav Dirty
  • F9 OR Das Glock II
  • F9 OR Das Glock
  • F9 OR Elicia Syn
  • F9 OR Epilogue
  • F9 OR Fanta Bell
  • F9 OR Fantasia
  • F9 OR FM Unstable Piano
  • F9 OR FM Vibes
  • F9 OR House Ethnic FX
  • F9 OR Last Rhythm Flute
  • F9 OR Lush Epno
  • F9 OR Maxi Vibes
  • F9 OR Phobe Syn
  • F9 OR Pipe Synth
  • F9 OR Rez Piano
  • F9 OR Sharp Brass
  • F9 OR SIne Beauty
  • F9 OR South St Brass
  • F9 OR Spiker
  • F9 OR Sprite
  • F9 OR SQ8 Breath
  • F9 OR SQ8 Callipo
  • F9 OR Stack Bellz
  • F9 OR Structure Keys
  • F9 OR Terraform Syn
  • F9 OR Vect Bells
  • F9 OR Vect Brass
  • F9 OR Vect Sax
  • F9 OR Vox Chiff


  • F9 OR Del Mar Pad
  • F9 OR 8 Bit Choir
  • F9 OR 8 Bit Voices
  • F9 OR Balearic Pad
  • F9 OR Chiffer Pad
  • F9 OR Covenant pad
  • F9 OR Feel It Pad
  • F9 OR Fingers Pad
  • F9 OR Glow Worm
  • F9 OR Hipass Sweep
  • F9 OR Huge Swell
  • F9 OR Juno Classic Pad
  • F9 OR Killer Pad
  • F9 OR Massive Pad
  • F9 OR Movement Pad
  • F9 OR MW Coastal Pad
  • F9 OR MW Enya Pad
  • F9 OR MW Palatial Pad
  • F9 OR MW Placid Pad
  • F9 OR MW Strung Pad
  • F9 OR NYC Pad
  • F9 OR OB8 Classic Pad
  • F9 OR P5 Classic Pad
  • F9 OR Slippy Pad
  • F9 OR SQ8 Voice Pad
  • F9 OR Ultra Late Pad
  • F9 OR Vectro Pad
  • F9 OR Wash Pad

    Drums & FX:

    • F9 OR 808 Conga
    • F9 OR 808 Toms
    • F9 OR Electro Tom
    • F9 OR Industry Hits
    • F9 OR Juno White Noise
    • F9 OR MG Noise Fall
    • F9 OR MG Zap
    • F9 OR Polecat
    • F9 OR Retro 909 Toms
    • F9 OR SQ8 Tom
    • F9 OR Storm Skin
    • F9 OR TechnoKick

    Extra Basses **

    • F9 OR 612 Bass 1
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 2
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 3
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 4
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 5
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 6
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 7
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 8
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 9
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 10
    • F9 OR 612 Bass 11
    • F9 OR Alpha Bass
    • F9 OR Candi Bass
    • F9 OR Code Bass
    • F9 OR Delta Bass
    • F9 OR Euro Bass
    • F9 OR Jupiter Bass
    • F9 OR Luca Bass
    • F9 OR MG Brute
    • F9 OR MG Pulse Bass
    • F9 OR MG Sub Bass
    • F9 OR MG Sweep Bass
    • F9 OR MG Swell Bass
    • F9 OR MW Bounce bass
    • F9 OR MW Rightside bass
    • F9 OR MW Shifter bass
    • F9 OR Rawforce
    • F9 OR Rhythm is a Bass II
    • F9 OR Rhythm is a Bass
    • F9 OR SQ8 Bass
    **  The piano and bass patches are unique to this pack, some hardware sources may have also been sampled for our other Origins releases, but the sample sets used in this pack are brand new.


    Compatibility List:

    • Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards
    • Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.5. Onwards ( including M1 and OSX Monterey / Ventura )
    • Compatible with Ableton 9.5, 10,11 & 12 (Standard or Suite)

    Requires a fully paid Kontakt install, not the Kontakt Player Editions.


    Legal :

    Logic Pro, Smart Controls, Apple Loops, EXS24, and Apple Silicon are trademarks of Apple Inc.
    Ableton, Live Pack, and Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG.
    Kontakt, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, and Native Access are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GMBH. Steinberg,
    Cubase, HALion, Halion Sonic SE, and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
    Bitwig is a trademark of Bitwig GmbH.
    AKAI, MPC & Qlink are trademarks of Inmusic Brands Inc.
    These trademarks are mentioned exclusively to identify compatibility with the respective companies' music production software and functionalities.
    F9 Audio Ltd does not claim any affiliation or endorsement from Apple Inc, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, Native Instruments GMBH, Ableton AG, Bitwig GmbH, or Inmusic Brands Inc. The trademarks of these respective companies are used solely for the purpose of identifying compatibility with their music creation software.
    References to other hardware devices or sub-brands on this page, including instruments and registered trademarks, are provided for descriptive purposes only. For instance, when referring to instrument brands and their associated trademarks, the intention is to describe the sound or instrument used in creating a specific sound or patch. F9 Audio Ltd does not maintain, nor does it claim, any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill connected to these brands lies with the brand owner.

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