F9 Neptune for MPC- Deep Keys, Beats & Bass

F9 Neptune for MPC- Deep Keys, Beats & Bass


21st Century Atmospheric Playable Keygroups for your MPC

After the enormous success of F9 Instruments Vol1 for the MPC, we immediately started to develop volume 2. We had no idea of the journey this would take us on. Finally, we are able to share our work with the MPC community. 

F9 Neptune for MPC was designed from the ground up to offer you some of the most inspiring, detailed and atmospheric keyboard patches possible. The MPC platform's  Keygroup engine allows us to deliver these as round-robin, playable patches that will bring your melodies and chords to life almost instantly and save you hours of preset diving.

18 MPC Kits 11 Drum and FX Menus, as well as 17 Bass patches, provide an astonishingly powerful rhythm section to ground your production in solid sonics from the off. You may not need to look outside for a single additional sound to create emotional, musical beats.  

Sourced from classic and modern synth hardware, acoustic / electric pianos and instruments, production and editing of this pack took well over 18 months. All patches were finalised using the height of contemporary digital technology. The resulting patch collection brings producers of all genres a modern palette of sounds designed to fit inside contemporary mixes without hassle or stress. 

Please check the entirety of the audio demos to see the breadth and beauty of this collection.

This unique MPC expansion contains: 

  • 5.5Gb+ MPC Expansion (installed)
  • 100+ Fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments
  • 18 Drum Kits
  • 11 Drum and FX menus
  • Full set of Qlink macros for each patch / Kit
  • Audio previews for all patches, kits, menus and kit sequences
  • Instant Download Link after purchase

All downloads are available directly after the sale.

An additional folder is included for standalone MPC and Akai Force users.


 F9 Neptune Keys 

The 54 Keyboard patches, 23 Pluck and 9 Piano Patches are the beating heart of this collection. Sometimes going through up to 3 layers of re-sampling and post-production, these keys deliver emotional chords, organic movement and mojo-led sonics that jump from the page. 

By using the round-robin capabilities of the MPC Keygorup layers, we can create a lush soundscape within the 5.9Gb of multisamples and are proud to present you a collection of MPC instruments that we feel beats anything else out there. 

Each patch, kit and menu also comes with an FX Chain already set up and a full complement of Q-Link controls. 

 F9 Neptune Pianos

Tortured grand pianos that sound like they are playing from a Havanna backroom meet dusty practice-room uprights whilst the vibrating tines of electric pianos processed through analogue chorus pedals ( combined with layers of atmospherics ) will allow your chord sequences and melodies to shine.

F9 Neptune Plucks

The incessant rise of the pluck as a lead instrument has become a calling card of modern productions and here we delve deep into ethnic stringed sources, hybrid mallets, resampled guitars, otherworldly digital synth combinations and even hardware physical modelling to give you a truly unique set of patches that we hope you will plunder for years to come. Try layering 2 of these and panning them wide for some amazing results.

 F9 Neptune Kits

18 Neptune kits reach out across genres to supply a thoroughly modern yet classic leaning set of beat kits capable of holding their own amongst the very best. Attention to transients and the details of careful processing have created a one-stop shop for rhythmical inspiration. 

All drum and FX sounds have been rounded up into an additional 11 menu patches ( one type of sound on multiple banks of pads ) giving you gallons of inspiration for your beat's rhythmical overdubs. 

  F9 Neptune Basses

The 17 Bass patches cover everything you will need to satisfy your music's subsonic. Careful sampling, production and internal FX processing supply plenty of velvet tones for the lower octave without overcooking the results,  Once again the MPC keygroup engine shines through providing low-end power in shovel loads. 



Tech Specs 

MPC V2.11 onwards - including all compatible Standalone MPCs & MPC Software ( including MPC Beats) 

Akai Force V3.2 Onwards 

A software edition is required to transfer the expansion to a physical MPC. Please contact us HERE if your studio does not contain a computer so we can organise download of a standalone MPC folder.  


Audio Demos

The main audio demo was created 100% with F9 Neptune ( every drum sound, instrument and FX ).

Additional mixing, arranging and editing took place in Ableton Live, 

Legal information : 

AKAI,  MPC & Qlink are trademarks of Inmusic Brands Inc. F9 Audio ltd is in no way affiliated or endorsed Inmusic Brands Inc. The trademarks of these respective companies are used solely to identify this product’s compatibility with the music creation software. 
Any / all references to other hardware devices or sub-brands on this page including instruments and registered trademarks are provided for descriptive purposes only. For example, references to instrument brands and associated trademarks are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the creation of a sound or patch. F9 Audio Ltd does not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rests with the brand owner.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

To see this product's license agreement, click HERE 

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