F9 Mercury P5 - Multi-Sampled Patches

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21st Century Patches From an Analogue Legend 

As a modern music producer, you may find it challenging to capture the true essence of vintage synthesiser sounds that bring a nostalgic vibe to your tracks. The iconic analogue warmth of classic synths like the Prophet 5 is often missing in today's digital-heavy productions.

By using F9 Mercury P5 you'll have access to a treasure trove of meticulously crafted sounds, capturing the true essence of this legendary instrument using the built-in sampler tools of your DAW, or Kontakt. From lush pads to soaring leads, this pack is a must-have for any producer seeking to infuse their creations with the timeless character of a truly classic analogue synth.

The 144 Multi-sampled patches inside this collection perfectly capture the lush warmth and exhilarating motion of the P5. 

Only round-robin sampling can accomplish such a feat - This process records multiple samples at the same pitch, complete with the phase and pitch differences of the analogue sources and then rotates around this sample set, breathing life into what would normally be a static sampling process. Think of this as a miniature film instead of a single photograph. The results are full of energy, life and inspiration.

Multiple recording chains were used throughout the 5-month period of sampling. Everything from API, Neve and our new favourite - an A-Designs RED-DI that packs a huge tube punch before we even get into further analogue processing.

Prophet 5 Control Panel Close up


This pack is formatted for the following: 

  • Ableton Live 9.5 (Standard or Suite editions)
  • Logic Pro 10.2 Onwards (including all Apple Silicon and modern OSX editions)
  • Bitwig Studio 4.4 onwards
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 onwards (Including Kontakt 6 and 7)*

* Kontakt users - A 'Full' install of Kontakt is required. This release will not work correctly with the Kontakt Player or other Free editions of Kontakt bundled with Maschine or Komplete Kontrol - Please check your install level using Native Access.

Demo Sessions

While many patch-based sample packs provide great sounds, few show you how to use them to their full potential. This is what sets F9 apart from the rest. F9 Mercury P5 DAW editions come with 5 meticulously crafted projects that showcase the included content, along with 5 sets of expertly produced drum stems.

By triggering the multi-sampled instruments in this library with MIDI, we can demonstrate just how powerful these analogue-sourced sounds are, using nothing more than the stock plugins in your DAW. Experience the true potential of your DAW when it's given high-quality raw material to work with.

Furthermore, this is our first release that supports Bitwig, and we've fully leveraged its excellent modulation capabilities and MPE expression technology in these projects.

Kontakt GUI 

This release sees the 1st outing of our new Kontakt script incorporating many often-requested features. We have tried to keep this as useful, yet simple as possible. Direct access to the excellent SSL style EQ at the bottom of the design has proven an amazing late edition. 

Additional Kits 

As a bonus, this release also includes 5 drum kits, each formatted for all available editions, with additional formats for Battery 4 and MPC.

Akai has also released a version of MPC software called MPC Beats, which is available as a standalone app and a plug-in for all major formats. We highly recommend that all producers take advantage of this amazing gift to the production community. The software is available  HERE  

The additional kits require:

  • NI Battery 4
  • MPC V2.11 including MP Chardware, software and MPC Beats  


Product and Delivery Details:

F9 Mercury P5 Contains: 

  • 5 DAW Projects ( Logic, Ableton and Bitwig editions)
  • 21 Bass Patches

  • 23 Brass Patches

  • 26 Lead Patches

  • 16 Pad Patches 

  • 31 Pluck Patches
  • 27 Synth Patches
  • 5 Drum Kits
  • 5 Sets of Drum stems ( Kontakt Edition )
  • All related midi files

All F9 releases are available for instant download. Links are available at the end of the checkout process and are emailed to you separately.

This is a big release due to the round-robin sampling process. On average the packs unzip to around 14GB. so please make sure you have at least 35GB free on the drive you will be using for the download. 

Please note - due to differences in the tools available inside each DAW, the demo arrangements will be slightly different, please check the demo for your preferred DAW on the player above. One instance of Ozone 10 was used on each audio demo - everything else is created and mixed using the built-in DAW tools.  

A Personal Note:

  • When I was 14 years old, I stumbled upon my first analogue synthesizer. A band was setting up on stage at a local theatre, and after accidentally entering through the wrong door during a tour of my local 6th-form college, the keyboard player noticed my fascination and allowed me to experiment with his instrument for thirty minutes. Despite my extreme lack of playing ability at the time, I was completely enthralled by the endless potential and exhilarating feeling of tweaking every knob and switch within my immature grasp.
  • That experience sparked an obsession with synthesis that I have never forgotten. After decades of working at every level in the industry, I now have a platform to share that joy with others. We believe that certain synths are classic for a reason, and our goal is to bring as much of their wonderful, emotive tones to the production community as possible – at prices that are realistic for the modern industry.
  • It is my sincere hope that this pack, and others like it, inspire some truly amazing music.

James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons  (Artists ) 


F9 Mercury P5 Patch List:

F9 Mercury Bass Patches

  • F9 P5 Blaster Bass
  • F9 P5 Bringstone Bass
  • F9 P5 Bulge Bass
  • F9 P5 Cobalt Bass
  • F9 P5 Disco Pulse
  • F9 P5 Fivedime Bass
  • F9 P5 Funktified bass
  • F9 P5 Golden Bass
  • F9 P5 Harmonic Sub
  • F9 P5 Howard Bass
  • F9 P5 Jimmy Bass
  • F9 P5 Legend
  • F9 P5 Levia Bass
  • F9 P5 Miami Vice Bass
  • F9 P5 Pressure Bass
  • F9 P5 Punch Bass
  • F9 P5 Spectra Bass
  • F9 P5 Simple Bass
  • F9 P5 Strata Bass
  • F9 P5 Teraforming Bass
  • F9 P5 Yans Bass

F9 Mercury Brass & Poly Patches

  • F9 P5 Aora Brass
  • F9 P5 Blakes Poly
  • F9 P5 Body Brass
  • F9 P5 Brassic
  • F9 P5 Daytime Brass
  • F9 P5 Dominos
  • F9 P5 Drifting Brass
  • F9 P5 Entrepid Brass
  • F9 P5 Exhale Poly
  • F9 P5 Garden Brass
  • F9 P5 Ham Poly
  • F9 P5 Knife Poly
  • F9 P5 Morning Brass
  • F9 P5 Nightsky Brass
  • F9 P5 Pincer Brass
  • F9 P5 Principal Poly
  • F9 P5 Quasi Poly
  • F9 P5 Soft Brass
  • F9 P5 Sparkle Poly
  • F9 P5 Splat Poly
  • F9 P5 Starlit Brass
  • F9 P5 Tulip Brass
  • F9 P5 Warm Brass
  • F9 P5 Wider Brass

F9 Mercury Lead Patches

  • F9 P5 Fitzy Lead
  • F9 P5 Boarded Lead
  • F9 P5 Careful Lead
  • F9 P5 Dominator Lead
  • F9 P5 Entropy Lead
  • F9 P5 Expression Lead
  • F9 P5 Fizzbang Lead
  • F9 P5 Fizzbang Poly Lead
  • F9 P5 Funkstar Lead
  • F9 P5 Hero Lead
  • F9 P5 Howard Lead
  • F9 P5 Jungle Lead
  • F9 P5 Lonesome Lead
  • F9 P5 Metalurgy Lead
  • F9 P5 Piatitude Lead
  • F9 P5 Pokemon Lead
  • F9 P5 Razor Quest Lead
  • F9 P5 Resin Lead
  • F9 P5 Sawing Lead
  • F9 P5 Sharps Lead
  • F9 P5 Sizzliing Lead
  • F9 P5 Sizzliing Poly Lead
  • F9 P5 Sqr Flute Lead
  • F9 P5 Strumpet Lead
  • F9 P5 Supersize Lead
  • F9 P5 Syncopate Lead
  • F9 P5 Syncronicity Lead
  • F9 P5 Walter Lead

F9 Mercury Pad Patches

  • F9 P5 Fiver Pad
  • F9 P5 Blind Pad
  • F9 P5 Bookend Pad
  • F9 P5 Building Pad
  • F9 P5 Landscapes
  • F9 P5 Overtoned
  • F9 P5 Peacetime
  • F9 P5 Pigmaleon
  • F9 P5 Pulsing Pad
  • F9 P5 PWM Pad
  • F9 P5 Soda Pad
  • F9 P5 Spacial Pad
  • F9 P5 Sunlight Pad
  • F9 P5 Surf Pad
  • F9 P5 Ultimate Strings
  • F9 P5 Whisper

F9 Mercury Pluck Patches

  • F9 P5 Birdpark Pluck
  • F9 P5 Aquarius Pluck
  • F9 P5 Arundel Pluck
  • F9 P5 Blinker Pluck
  • F9 P5 Bouncer Pluck
  • F9 P5 Cyber Pluck
  • F9 P5 Evermoore Pluck
  • F9 P5 Glacier Pluck
  • F9 P5 Ironman Pluck
  • F9 P5 Knight Rider Pluck
  • F9 P5 Leviath Pluck
  • F9 P5 Ocean Pluck
  • F9 P5 Olied Pluck
  • F9 P5 Omighty Pluck
  • F9 P5 Orpheous Pluck
  • F9 P5 Palatial Pluck
  • F9 P5 Pinecone Pluck
  • F9 P5 Pingu Pluck
  • F9 P5 Pluckerama Pluck
  • F9 P5 Prairie Bells Pluck
  • F9 P5 Principal Pluck
  • F9 P5 Quaketime Pluck
  • F9 P5 Reqium Pluck
  • F9 P5 Saphire Pluck
  • F9 P5 Sinai Bells Pluck
  • F9 P5 Spacetime Pluck
  • F9 P5 Taken Pluck
  • F9 P5 Thor Pluck
  • F9 P5 Tine Beauty Pluck
  • F9 P5 Trillion Keys Pluck
  • F9 P5 Tron Punk Pluck

F9 Mercury Synth Patches

  • F9 P5 Curtains
  • F9 P5 Bali Verb
  • F9 P5 Blankster
  • F9 P5 Blippi
  • F9 P5 Detroit
  • F9 P5 Formula 1
  • F9 P5 House Organ
  • F9 P5 Keystone
  • F9 P5 Metalic
  • F9 P5 Modular
  • F9 P5 Modulation FX
  • F9 P5 Moonstone
  • F9 P5 Organ Grinder
  • F9 P5 Overtron
  • F9 P5 Painmaker Mono
  • F9 P5 Painmaker Poly
  • F9 P5 Party Tom
  • F9 P5 Rendition
  • F9 P5 Seq Blitter
  • F9 P5 Seq Brittle
  • F9 P5 Seq Pulse
  • F9 P5 Spluttering
  • F9 P5 Stanley
  • F9 P5 Strangers
  • F9 P5 Terror Slide
  • F9 P5 Upsidedown
  • F9 P5 Wibble Organ

F9 Mercury Drum Kit Patches

  • F9 P5 Time Kit
  • F9 P5 Sonnys Kit
  • F9 P5 Pacific Kit
  • F9 P5 Journey Kit
  • F9 P5 Hero Kit

Compatibility List

  • Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.2.4. Onwards (including M1 and OSX Monterey / Ventura)
  • Compatible with Ableton 9.5 (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 10 (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 11 (Standard or Suite)
  • Compatible with Ableton 12
  • Compatible with Bitwig Studio V4.4 Onwards
  • Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards

* Requires a fully paid Kontakt install, not the Kontakt Player edition.

Legal :

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