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F9 FREE Summer Stems (download)

F9 FREE Summer Stems (download)

>> FREE STEMS <<  Download by clicking HERE 

We had so many questions about the music on the summer sale advert that I thought it was time to turn it into a full track. We've then stemmed the entire mix out and it's available right here as a free download mastered versions are also available inside this release if you're spinning at a beach bar anywhere or just fancy something nice in the garden whilst the sun is out. 

Download link >

Please note, this is not a royalty-free release. This remains my piece of music, so please don't try to release it. Fill your boots with the drums and effects though will always try and make that possible on all of these stem sets.

Please note the F9 summer sale is only on for the next few days, so if you wanna grab anything get it now as we don't do many sales at F9

Can't wait to show you what we've been up to at the studio as we really upped our game in terms of multi-sampled instruments recently. Thanks to some amazing work with Akai, and yes, F9 HAT!, F9 CLAP! and F9 CYMBAL! and more are coming. 

Have a great summer 

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