Happy Customers at F9 Audio

From James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons ( artists )

When I started F9, I had no idea just how much of an impact we were going to make. My main aim was to supply professional level sonics to everyone - no matter their experience. During my career I found out the hard way - you need to start from a great set of foundations and tools to do your music and inspiration justice. 

From our very first release we added more value than any other sample pack out there and as we naturally progressed from loops to instruments, I was so glad to share the amazing world of hardware with the software community.   

The most rewarding part has been getting the kind of messages you can read below. These are all 100% real, they are all from paying customers, not those getting freebies, and have come from emails, Facebook messages and more. They drive us forward every day to do better and deliver the best products we can. I feel this is only the start.


'Yessssss. Every single one of these packs is pure 🔥🔥🔥. Changed the way I make music all together, big respect for the huge amount of work that has gone into these.'

Artwork, UK


'The only place to look for that Authentic sound, the quality of samples and presets are insane , drop it in and get that creativity juice flow'
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'F9 Audio instruments and Fx racks have been all over my projects since I got my hands on them! Their top quality sound design tools keep me inspired and have improved my work flow. Can't wait for more F9 releases.'
“When working on mixes, the drums are a HUGE part of what I do. I spend a lot of time reinforcing & replacing drums and F9s drumtrax (or whatever you want to call them) are my absolute go to for heavyweight sounds. They sit beautifully underneath the artists own sounds, and give weight / width and bags of character that can often be missing in the original samples.
The Zeuss FX are a total “go to” toolkit for me as well….and I’ve even been known to sneak some of James’ pianos into tracks that just weren’t delivering!
Love the way all of F9s sample are organised / labelled / warped and so forth for my use in Ableton. It’s a huge time saver for me and so important when trying to get down what you are hearing in your head…if it takes too long, that moment’s gone, and just being able to reach so easily for something (and find it) is wonderful.
….Oh and his Ableton racks are awesome too!
Huge fan” 
Kevin Grainger ( Wired Masters - Leaders in stem mastering / mixing  ) 

I bought a few @f9_audio multisample packs a few weeks' back. And they are totally awesome. But that's not why I'm posting. They stopped working a few days ago and I just couldn't work out why. Nothing major had changed in my set up. The customer service from F9 was absolutely fantastic. And from an actual human. And yes they did end up fixing the problem. And yes it was nothing to do with their software. And yes it was my set up that had changed. But I'd like to thank them for helping me fix it. I can thoroughly recommend their products.

Kompa55 - Instagram

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for your work at F9, Your products are without doubt the best quality and value I've found and the knowledge you have built into these packs is invaluable. 
Dan Z - email
Hey James and F9! Just checking in to say that I'm having a great time with F9 products, and I'm really looking forward to the Old School Pianos release! It's a pleasure making music with your guidance, and sometimes I just can't believe how incredible the patches, sounds and resources are. And not just some of them either, but every single one. Thanks again, keep being awesome, and have the best weekend.
Dave L - Email
Hey James and Crew. Just purchased, downloaded and opened the new Electric Funk Instruments pack. WOW - WOW - WOW..I’m absolutely Gob Smacked!! EVERY single Synth/Sampler sound from the 80’s (off all the best 80’s albums) ALL in one place.The amount of time, energy and money you have saved me from trying to hunt down these sounds on the web - on my own?? 
I cannot THANK YOU and your team enough for the countless hours, energy and time you guys must spend, to get these packs to us, your customers. And the QUALITY of EACH SOUND is so CLEAN, CRISP and PRECISE - no adjustments needed. All sounds READY TO GO!!
I CANT WAIT to get stuck into using them on my new album.THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU. Have a great day.
Mat  - Email 
I think Ive bought almost all the packs now and they are all amazing! You sir are my hero for sharing your secrets.  So, I have just one request... Is there any way you could add a vocal reference file to your a/b pack?!!! Im using it now and its amazing but a vocal would make it an amazing lol. Thanks! 
Jake B - FB Messenger
James I must complain about my F9 Trilogy for Logic experience. Although the installation went very smoothly thanks to your excellent videos, I am now suffering from sleep deprivation due to the fact that I can’t now seem to pull myself away from the studio. The wife now basically lives alone and the dogs now bark at me like a stranger when I enter my home.
I strongly recommend you install a warning label on your product that informs the user that this software is known to be highly addictive. In short, I absolutely love your work recreating some of the best analog synths from the 80’s. You guys nailed it!
With much respect and appreciation,
Rusty - Email

I recently just found out about your site and it’s services. I want to thank you for producing such an excellent business.

I’ve been producing dance music as an amateur for several years. I’m always looking for ways to become a better producer. I’ve watched hundreds of tutorials, and courses. I’ve too many purchased templates, sample packs, plugins and so on, but yet  I always feel as though I’m missing something. I don’t believe I’m being too hard on myself, I just innately feel and hear that my tracks don’t sound quite right. They seem to  an overall “something”. I’ve not gotten to a place in my mind, where I think my tracks are good enough. 

However in my pursuit of improving, I came across your site. I have to express to you how immensely your insight, and knowledge has helped me. Since reading and viewing your tutorials, I am feeling  inspired, confident, and excited in the recent tracks that I’m writing now. I haven’t felt this way in a such long time. It’s like all new and your teachings have revived me.  I woke up. I’ve learned so much from your tutorials. 

After seeing your blog and video tutorials, I’ve purchased the F9 Ableton Toolkit. This has helped me understand a lot of the detail work that goes into creating and producing quality sounds and effects that blend well together. I’ve taken the time to see what’s under the hood of these parts. I have so many “aha” moments while messing around. I’m learning and it’s truly fun! I’m very excited and appreciative by it all. The detail that went into each part blows me away.....

....Be Well,

Eddie - Email 


Hi there,

First of all I should say that the quality and tweaking of the sounds are better than any other Kontakt library in the market ,and it feels like having my old gear back in the eighties with realistic samples.

... This is a real piece of art.

Thank you! Regards.

Can - Email


Hi James,
Just wanted to drop you a line or two to say what an awesome product this is. Some of the pads you have are incredible and just what the doctor ordered. I purchased the Deluxe version from watching your YouTube vids as all this limiting, delays, reverbs and what not have been frying my brain for quite sometime now. ...
...So a big thanks for an amazing product that not only works well, it sounds amazing and can follow/ workout better how it should be done... 
Many thanks - Kind regards
Martin - Email
F9 Grid Trilogy  - Just bought this and I have to say it's a masterpiece. The meticulous work you guys have done shows across the board. And what a value -- I feel like I just added $40,000 in vintage 80s hardware to my studio, except that this pack sounds better out of the box because of all the expert processing and prep work already done. Many thanks.
Matt - Youtube Comment
Hi James, I'm astonished at how fantastic this pack is from the midi files to the exs24 sampler instruments and i havent even listened to them all yet ! This is just what i needed to begin my productions and i cant wait to come up with some hopefully good piano driven tracks ! Thanks again.
Sam - Email
Hi James, just a quick mail to say thanks for putting all that work into the Piano Collection. It certainly is a big problem to get Pianos to fit in the mix. Even the Korg M1 Plug in hasen´t really worked for me.
I loaded up the F9 Audio Pianos into one of your templates and threw in a vocal snippet and BINGO my very first Piano House track was born in a morning or sos work… :)
all the best from Berlin
Chris - Email
F9’s products are the best I’ve come across, and I’m well aware that the knowledge and experience behind them isn’t easy to come by or often shared.
Really appreciate you helping the journey to creating great productions go a little smoother.
Sam M - Email
I already wanted to write you yesterday. Your toolkit is outstanding. Yesterday night I had tears in my eyes! :) What you can do with turning just one knob is unbelievable. I have all lot of plugins from universal audio, fabfilter, izotope but never had this quick and easy experience to bring my sounds to live and get the "wow" effect.
And still everything nice, clean and balanced without overdoing it. And finally all for a few euros. Again! Much respect and keep it up!
Greetings from Munich, Germany!
Philipp - Email
Hi F9, thanks for ruining my life hahahaha. If I ever had a life, I haven't anymore. As you will see from my account, I spent over £60 with you and since then my life has and will never be the same.
I'd marry you all in a heartbeat because for so long now, I have toyed with the idea of F9 products since I used them before. It was only till I realised the sample packs were in WAV form then - BOOM. Sure, it took a while downloading but once I opened Pandora's box, there was no turning back. I use Mixcraft 8 Pro DAW and no problem putting the all in.
The only real complaint I have and it's a huge one lol, I have so much to do in my flat at the moment like blitzing all the painting next week, fit out the new bedroom studio etc but that's never gonna happen because I can't get of your bloody samples...they are fucking huge!!! So as a massive hug, love and squeeze, here are the 3 tracks so far out of the stables.
A humongous thank you for being born and for making the most accurate samples I have ever had the pleasure in working with
John - Email
Hi James and team F9!
I've got to say this piano origins pack is fantastic. The other day I was chatting to a friend about the virtues of house pianos and the following day he directed me towards your website. 
Despite being an owner of an Ensoniq Mirage (just for the crunchy piano), an SQ80 (again for the piano but also because it's an awesome synth) and an M1R (because...well you know!), I have to say that the convenience of adding your software to my arsenal meant that I jumped at the chance. I do a lot of production work away from my studio setup with just the laptop so it makes a lot of sense in a lot of situations. 
Today I kickstarted a new track with one of the MIDI clips. Changed a lot of things around and added extra chords and notes. Threw on a Lately bassline, some M1 high strings, programmed in some drums and percussion and found a vocal hook, and hey presto, well on the way to finishing a classic sounding house track :)
Thanks for taking the time to put the project together -  clearly a labour of love!
Robert - Email
Big compliments on the sound design 👍🏻. I used to own all the equipment you used in the sample pack, and you hit the sweet spots.
Chielio - Email 
Hi James.... 
... I worked with the pack yesterday for a few hours on a D&B track I'm finalising for submission to a label and I must say I loved it! Despite being a dancefloor style D&B tune, the pack gave me so much inspiration and gave it that retro feel yet still upfront and heavy. Everything came together in 3 hours and I'm very happy with the results! - Great work
Carl - Email 

Hey big thanks for releasing this amazing library, first try yesterday and boom 💥 so useful!!! I had to make some research to find it but it is definitely a TOP vst a must have! i was looking for synthwave drum kit style and find a masterpiece great job🙏🙏🙏 and very clear to install👌 As it not always the case.
Mark - email