About F9 Audio


F9 Audio is dedicated to Electronic music production and is owned and operated by the studio half of Grammy Nominated producers The Freemasons :James Wiltshire . F9 is Dedicated to only one Goal : Making Your Productions better.  We aim to do this in Two ways.  

  • Arm you with Pro-level production, technical and industry knowledge via Free Video tutorials 
  • Develop and sell the finest release-quality Soundware and software direct from industry professionals 
  • Bring some of the world's most unique musicians to the fingertips of every electronic producer

James Wiltshire of Freemasons / F9 Audio

F9 Audio is Based in Brighton UK, famous for its artistic, creative and vibrant approach to life and is based around a hybrid hardware and software studio containing some of the worlds finest vintage and contemporary synthesisers, classic studio hardware and Pro level DAW / plug in technology.


James has worked world-wide in professional studios for over 15 years, and for the last 10 has worked with Russell Small under the Artist Name Freemasons . 

The Grammy nominated duo Freemasons have Remixed and worked with the world's elite artists, their remixes creating No1's across Europe for Beyonce , Shakira and Kelly Rowland. They have DJ'd across the planet as a result.

We are now keen to pass on the Baton to the next generation of producers and artists by sharing every production skill, trick and technique he's learnt throughout his career whilst providing tools, samples and musical parts that have the very highest production values available in the soundware industry across multiple genres and formats.