Style Guide with Point Blank: House

Style Guide with Point Blank: House

So it's been a while I know - The birth of my first child has been a life changing event but today I'm very proud to present two videos with Point Blank Audio School documenting the history of house music and examples of the technology that was used; almost accidentally.

Many of you may not realise that the 909 was a near disaster for Roland Corp on release - the Linn drum used samples so was way more realistic and in demand by mainstream producers so the 909 was heavily discounted and often ended up in the Chicago or Detroit versions of Cash Convertors for $100!  Thank our lucky stars it ended up in the hands of the early house pioneers in the 80s! 

Thanks so much to Paul Hartnoll of Orbital for lending me the 909 you see in this video:

In this 2nd Video we talk about re-creating the iconic rhythms of House inside a modern DAW: Ableton Live ...  Don't forget that if the pioneers were starting out today - they would use these tools (and they are just tools). It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it that's important. 



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