F9 Electric Funk : Retro 80s Funk

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Pure Retro Funk. 

We set out to make the most authentic mid 80s Electro Funk sample collection currently available. To do this we went back to the original machines, technology and production techniques used by artists and producers of the era. We think we've done it, but with the kind of twist, F9 is infamous for! 

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I once worked for DMC UK - a company that in the 90s pioneered remix culture. One part of my studio duties was to transfer the master recording tapes from 2inch analog tape onto DAT for worldwide remixers. During that time I learned so much about record production by listening and experiencing so many of the world-class multitrack recordings that passed through our transfer studio

For me, the ONLY way to present a pack like this is in multitrack form so you can see just how parts can be designed to work together, how they intertwine sonically and musically and how a few live touches can come together with the machine backbeat to bring life and exceptional human energy to a funk recording. 

But also you will often want to pull parts into your own production so traditional loops and hits are also vital for contemporary production.

Also, the musicality of this genre is specific so we wanted to make sure you have every possible MIDI file that was used in the creation of these musical pieces. With all this in mind. 

Each F9 Electric Funk purchase arrives as 3 separate Zip files 

Zip 1 - 14 sets of WAV Stems / DAW Projects ( 7Gb unpacked ) 

  • Logic Pro X  (10.1 forwards including M1 Macs)
  • Ableton Live (9.1, 10, 11 & 12) 
  • Presonus Studio One V3.5 +
  • Cubase 7+
  • Reason 8+
  • WAV stem edition for all other DAWs

Zip 2 - 1.7gb Traditional sample pack containing :

  • 563 24bit WAV Loops
  • 738 Drum hits including the iconic and rare Simmons Claptrap 
  • 583 Musical One-shots - Chords, Hits, Notes +FX
  • 146 Midi Files

Zip 3 - Sampler instruments 

  • All drum hits and melodic one-shots arranged as Menus for:
  • EXS 24 / Sampler
  • Kontakt 5 ** ( full version required ) 
  • Ableton Racks / Simpler ( full macro control )
  • NNXT
  • S1 Presence XT 
  • Akai MPC V2
  • Maschine 2
  • Battery 3
  • Kontakt 4

** A full and authorized version of Kontakt 5.8.1+  is required to run the Kontakt 5 custom GUI. The Kontakt instruments will not work with the free Kontakt Player


Compatibility List:


  • Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.2.4 Onwards (Including M1 / Apple silicon Macs and all modern OSX versions)
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 9,10,11 & 12 
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 10 Onwards
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 11 Onwards
  • Compatible with Cubasse
  • Compatible with WAV (Other DAW's)
  • Compatible with Presonus Studio One
  • Compatible with Reason



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