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Supercharge Your Logic System

F9 Audio is exceptionally proud to present the F9 Toolkit: The most powerful and comprehensive set of upfront and contemporary sounds ever assembled for Logic. 

5Gb+ / 270+ Channel strip instruments that are easy to install will supercharge your Logic system. Efficient programming ensures these Channel strips load quickly with no Latency and arrive in your production EQ'd & carefully processed and ready for production.

Created by producers for Logic users at every level. See how powerful your Logic system can be when it's fed the right sounds. 

The F9 Toolkit for Logic 9.1.8* and All versions of Logic Pro X* (including M1 Silicon) 

'It's beyond amazing - Instant Inspiration' - Steve Anderson

Video Walkthroughs / Manuals 


"The F9 toolbox is one of the best ideas to come out of the soundware market. It has successfully delivered the sounds of essential drums, bass and synths that are so often searched for through endless YouTube geek tutorials (thankfully minus the coughs and “Wassups”). The sonics are powerful and all contained within a safe audio spectrum. The magic is a Logic page full of ready-made gorgeous sounds via the sampler without having to fire up the big synths. The serious producer can get straight down to work and quickly create. Essential stuff" - Pete Heyward - Goloka

F9 Toolkit Standard edition:

  • 5GB+ Multi-sampled instruments and Sound Menus 
  • 270+ Channel Strip settings 

F9 Toolkit Deluxe  edition:

  • 5GB+ Multi-sampled instruments and Sound Menus 
  • 270+ Channel Strip settings 
  • 5 Full Logic Song arrangement** pages of the Main audio demos with all midi and mixing/production tricks on show 
  • 7 Startup pages with Starter beats and instruments already set up in the arrange page

System requirements: 

  • At least 15gb free space for download and decompression - (Download Zip is 4.2 Gb)
  • Logic Pro 9.1.8 Or any version of Logic Pro X (Including M1 Silicon) 

This pack may be used for the creation of Library Music 

F9 Logic Toolkit patch list:

Kick Menus

  • F9 808 Kicks
  • F9 Club Kicks
  • F9 EDM Kicks
  • F9 Kick Explosions
  • F9 Machine Kicks
  • F9 Stadium Kicks
  • F9 Tight Kicks
  • F9 Urban Kicks

Clap Menus

  • F9 Finger Clicks
  • F9 Hybrid Claps Short
  • F9 Hybrid Claps
  • F9 Live Claps
  • F9 Machine Claps Short
  • F9 Machine Claps
  • F9 Minimal Claps

Snare Menus

  • F9 808 Snares Amped
  • F9 808 Snares
  • F9 Hybrid Snares Short
  • F9 Hybrid Snares
  • F9 Machine Snares
  • F9 Rim Shots Amped
  • F9 Rim Shots
  • F9 Uber Snare Explosions
  • F9 Uber Snares
  • F9 Urban Snares

Hat Menus

  • F9 808 Hats
  • F9 Closed Hats 1
  • F9 Closed Hats 2
  • F9 Live Hi Hat I
  • F9 Live Hi Hat II
  • F9 Live Hi Hat III 2002 LOFI
  • F9 Live Hi Hat III 2002 Vintage
  • F9 Open Hats

Shaker & Tambourine Menus

  • F9 Live Shaker Rattles
  • F9 Live Shakers 2
  • F9 Live Shakers
  • F9 Live Tambourine
  • F9 Machine Shaker
  • F9 Machine Tambourine
  • F9 Verb Tambourine

Percussion Menus

  • F9 Analog Perc 1
  • F9 Analog Perc 2
  • F9 Hand Perc I
  • F9 Hand Perc II
  • F9 Layered Percussion
  • F9 Live Bongos
  • F9 Live Congas
  • F9 Machine Perc 80s FX
  • F9 Machine Perc
  • F9 Timbale Fills
  • F9 Timbale Fills Radio
  • F9 Verb Percussion

Tom Menus

  • F9 Analog Tom
  • F9 Live Toms
  • F9 Machine Toms Non Lin
  • F9 Machine Toms

Cymbal & FX Menus

  • F9 Electronic Cymbals
  • F9 Electronic Cymbals II
  • F9 Glitch Tops
  • F9 Live Cymbals
  • F9 Noise Falls
  • F9 Noise Rise Mod Wheel
  • F9 Spaced Faller
  • F9 Take Off FX
  • F9 TK Vinyl Grunge
  • F9 Trailer Slams Filtered
  • F9 Trailer Slams
  • F9 White Noise hits

Uber Funk Kit

  • F9 TK Uber Funk Kit Hats
  • F9 TK Uber Funk Kit

808 Basses (X 9)

  • F9 808 Bass A
  • F9 808 Bass B
  • F9 808 Bass C
  • F9 808 Bass D
  • F9 808 Bass E
  • F9 808 Bass F
  • F9 808 Bass G
  • F9 808 Bass H
  • F9 808 Bass I

Analog Basses (X 9)

  • F9 Analog Bass A
  • F9 Analog Bass B
  • F9 Analog Bass C
  • F9 Analog Bass D
  • F9 Analog Bass E
  • F9 Analog Bass F
  • F9 Analog Bass G
  • F9 Analog Bass H
  • F9 Analog Bass I

Chill Wave Bass (X6)

  • F9 Chill Wave Bass A
  • F9 Chill Wave Bass B
  • F9 Chill Wave Bass C
  • F9 Chill Wave Bass D
  • F9 Chill Wave Bass E
  • F9 Chill Wave Bass F

Digi Basses

  • F9 Digi Bass A
  • F9 Digi Bass B
  • F9 Digi Bass C
  • F9 Digi Bass D
  • F9 Digi Bass E
  • F9 Digi Bass F
  • F9 Digi Bass G II
  • F9 Digi Bass G
  • F9 Digi Bass H
  • F9 Digi Bass I
  • F9 Digi Organ Bass

FM Basses

  • F9 FM Chimera Bass
  • F9 FM Chunk Bass
  • F9 FM Classic 7 Bass
  • F9 FM Eranu Bass
  • F9 FM Growl Bass
  • F9 FM London Bass
  • F9 FM Organ Bass
  • F9 FM Solid BAss
  • F9 FM Spiked Bass

Reese Basses

  • F9 Reese Bass A Extreme
  • F9 Reese Bass A
  • F9 Reese Bass B Extreme
  • F9 Reese Bass B
  • F9 Reese Bass C
  • F9 Reese Bass D
  • F9 Reese Bass E
  • F9 Reese Bass F
  • F9 Reese Bass G
  • F9 Reese Bass H
  • F9 Reese Bass I

Live Bass

  • F9 Erodyne Red Alert Bass
  • F9 Erodyne Red Funktified
  • F9 Erodyne Slap Bass
  • F9 Jazz Bass Fingered Amp Room
  • F9 Jazz Bass Fingered Amp Scoop MB
  • F9 Jazz Bass Fingered
  • F9 Precision 66 Dub Bass
  • F9 Precision 66 Fingered Bass
  • F9 Precision 66 Picked Bass Amp Roon
  • F9 Precision 66 Picked Bass Wide Growl
  • F9 Precision 66 Picked Bass
  • F9 Precision 66 Picked Bootsy
  • F9 Precision 66 Punked Bass II
  • F9 Precision 66 Punked Bass
  • F9 Stingray II Auto Wah
  • F9 Stingray II Fingered Bass Amped
  • F9 Stingray II Fingered Bass
  • F9 Stingray Nu Disco Bass

Analog Pads

  • F9 Dekkards Pad
  • F9 Filtration Pad
  • F9 J8 Space Pad
  • F9 J8 Strings
  • F9 Juno Fast Pad
  • F9 Juno Saw Strings
  • F9 Juno Strings
  • F9 JX3 Strings
  • F9 JX3 Swhirl
  • F9 JX10 Pad
  • F9 Mega Analog String
  • F9 Digital Pads
  • F9 Bristol Strings
  • F9 Glass Pad
  • F9 Perc Organ
  • F9 Soft Tasmania Pad +MW
  • F9 Soft Thick Pad +MW
  • F9 Soft Vienna Pad +MW

Liquid Pads

  • F9 Liquid Dakota Pad
  • F9 Liquid Dekkard Pad
  • F9 Liquid Fusion Pad
  • F9 Liquid Hartmann Pad
  • F9 Liquid Inner City Pad
  • F9 Liquid Pris Pad
  • F9 Liquid Prometheous Pad
  • F9 Liquid Scehelle Pad
  • F9 Liquid Scott Pad


  • F9 Grand Piano
  • F9 House Piano
  • F9 Band Pass Epno
  • F9 Dirty Epno
  • F9 Grand Piano Cathederal Verb
  • F9 Lofi Grand Piano
  • F9 Epno Mk1
  • F9 Epno Mk2
  • F9 Vinyl Epno
  • F9 Whirly Amped
  • F9 Whirly Gig in the Sky

Plucks & Mallets

  • F9 Ethnic Plucks
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck A
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck B
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck C
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck D
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck E
  • F9 Ethnic Pluck F


  • F9 90s Mallets
  • F9 China Mallets
  • F9 Digital Dulcimer
  • F9 Digital Marimba
  • F9 FM Mallets
  • F9 Lead Vibes
  • F9 Master Mallets
  • F9 Mixed Kalimba
  • F9 Wooden Mallets

Synth Plucks

  • F9 Bauhaus Pluck
  • F9 DX Pluck A
  • F9 DX Vice Pluck
  • F9 Enya Pluck
  • F9 Finland Pluck
  • F9 Hannet Pluck
  • F9 Insomnia Pizz
  • F9 JP8 Dutch Pluck
  • F9 JP8 Lonely Pluck
  • F9 JP8 Square Pluck
  • F9 JP8 Vinatge Pluck
  • F9 Mellow Mallet Pluck
  • F9 Miami Pluck
  • F9 Nord Baleric Pluck
  • F9 Nordic Pluck
  • F9 OB6 Rez Pluck
  • F9 Ontario 5th Pluck
  • F9 Persuader pluck
  • F9 Pizzi Pluck
  • F9 Quebec Pluck
  • F9 Samplelight Pluck
  • F9 Starlight Pluck
  • F9 Xmod Goldsmith Pluck

Synth Polys

  • F9 90s Stacked Poly
  • F9 Blofeld Poly
  • F9 FM Strings Poly
  • F9 Future Classic Poly
  • F9 J8 Poly Nylon Poly
  • F9 JX Space Poly
  • F9 MW Thin Poly
  • F9 OB Hyper Brass Poly
  • F9 OB Whale Poly
  • F9 OB Wide Poly
  • F9 VS Phase Strings
  • F9 Warmth Poly

Layer Polys

  • F9 TK Layer Poly Hi A
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Hi B
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Hi C
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Hi D
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Hi E
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Low A
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Low B
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Low C
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Low D
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Low E
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Mid A
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Mid B
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Mid C
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Mid D
  • F9 TK Layer Poly Mid E


  • F9 Funk Palm Mutes A
  • F9 Funk Palm Mutes II
  • F9 Funk Palm Mutes III Strat
  • F9 Funk Palm Mutes IV Funk
  • F9 Stereo Power Chords
  • F9 Sustain Guitar


  • F9 Andre Lead
  • F9 Bob & Dre Lead
  • F9 China Syndrome Lead
  • F9 CPU Lead
  • F9 Dafunked Lead
  • F9 Dekkards Lead
  • F9 DX Cutty Sark Lead
  • F9 DX Levaithon Lead
  • F9 DX Vanilla Lead
  • F9 Eurhythmical Lead
  • F9 French Growl Lead
  • F9 Fromage Lead
  • F9 Ground Zero Lead
  • F9 Madagasca Vintage Lead
  • F9 Metal Works Lead
  • F9 Nu Wave Lead Raw
  • F9 Nu Wave Lead
  • F9 Pluto Lead
  • F9 Robocop Lead
  • F9 Sinusoidal Lead
  • F9 Spice Voger Lead
  • F9 Spinal Lead
  • F9 Strings 4 Life


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