F9 & Apple Silicon

Apple Silicon Comapibility

All F9 Logic Pro X releases work with Apple Silicon 

Apple's new chip designs are the result of more than a decade of research and development. Their unheard-of thermal performance means that even from the 1st incarnation it looks possible to get workstation levels of performance out of a mobile device.  

This has also coincided with major updates to Logic pro X and the replacement of the ageing EXS24 sampler ( with the new Sampler Plugin ). 

Apple have done a frankly brilliant job of making all transitions as seamless as possible. For example the new sampler ( Multi-sample version ) is fully compatible with all EXS24 files and any channel strips and patches that used to use it.  

This means that ALL the F9 releases are fully compatible with Apple's new chips ( M1 onwards ), operating systems ( Big Sur onwards ). Also, as Logic has not altered the user accessible folder structure Logic creates, Installation is exactly the same as previous versions. You can buy F9 releases, confident that they will work in your new Apple Silicon enabled Mac.

As a footnote - We recently tested the M1 entry level Macbook Pro and managed to achieve 1,000 voice polyphony  + 100 Space designers whilst running solely on the internal battery. It did this with nearly 1 entire core still free and absolutely no lag in the system's response. This could well be a pivotal moment for music production technology as only 6 months ago from the test date, this would have been utterly impossible with any mobile computer.

Here's to the future ! 

All the very best from us here

James Wiltshire - F9 Audio