Are you destroying your music with Limiters?

 Limiters - Ever since the Waves L1. L2 and L3 we've been literally throwing these processors at are audio. what we don't realise though is that if used across multiple audio channels these incredibly useful bits of code can actually do far more damage than good. Now with the incredible power of mastering plugins like Ozone and the weekly release of another peak limiter many producers are smashing their audio to bits and taking the breathing space out of their music 

If your mix is sounding flat - have you been guilty of the steps shown in the Loopmasters video below ? - Let James at F9 Audio explain how to help your audio breathe again 


See and hear the difference when you allow your audio to breathe a little more - level is everything these days , but clarity is just as important !

And for some drums that haven't had the living daylights squashed out of them and ready for action check these babies out :

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  • Good tips James!

    As a follow up I would love to see a tutorial on the uses of compression :-)

    For example:
    1) when applying glue compression on the master, how do I stop the compressor from increasing the level of the bass in a section where the bass plays on its own (ie without rhythm track behind it)?
    2) What are the differences between different compressor plug-ins? I tend to mainly use the Ableton compressor and glue compressor, as they seem easier to use. However, I have a number of other compressors I’ve bought that I don’t often use, as they seem more complex.
    3) When and how to use multi-band compression?

    Pramesh Chauhan on
  • Very useful info regarding saturation instead of limiting on a bass track. Thanks James!

    Blake on
  • can you do a tutorial on some of the synths in complete 10?

    carter williams on
  • Sorry the only comment so far has been an advert. Thanks for spending your time!

    Sean on
  • wow.. good job man. impressive stuff! You can find amazing royalty-free background music at

    Lisa on

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