Hardware - Can You Hear the Difference ?

So this is Just a bit fun - Beneath is a Soundlcoud player containing a variety of the same loop processed in different ways. It's nice and low tempo and not too busy so it's easier to be more subjective about it  -

The first is straight up with no additional processing- Underneath are a Variety of popular and common Software processes in use by today's producers - No EQ has been applied but the processes - Just the analogue emulations. Amongst these software versions are two versions that have been passed through a stereo pair of legendary Neve 1081 Preamps with EQ circuits on but no cut or boost applied on the EQ 

Now if the legend of this amazing unit is to be believed it adds something magical to the audio by just being strapped across it - can you Hear it and does it rock your world ?

Software used includes the Awesome Slate digital Stuff , Izotope's Flagship Ozone software and Fielding DSP's Essential Reviver ( the best $29 you will ever spend ) 

Disclaimer - Don't try this on laptop or small speakers - use a proper pair of studio monitors or your best headphones to check them out 

 I'm saying nothing - except - I wouldn't have them in the studio if they didn't do something ( or am I just a complete rack mount junkie ? ) - I'll let you decide 


 Now a bit of shameless self promotion - Plenty of the stuff on this new pack went through some of the F9 Studio's Hardware .

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  • I felt that the first untreated file was a lot quieter than the others, it would be easier to compare the processes if they were the same loudness. Louder always sounds better!

    wave100 on
  • Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbstergabaing.

    Tamber on
  • Hi! Can you say which slate plugin do you use? And if it possilbe give name of presets of slate and ozone? :)

    maro on
  • the ozone and neve were dope seperate and even better together. i wonder how slate would taste in that sandwich,i really liked how everything was leveled with it! the reviver and extreme limit could be useful together too.

    AweDee.0 on
  • The Neve one definitely. Really wide, real and deep sounding. Second it would be the ozone. But what kind of processing goes to ozone? I mean in the neve it just pass through the circuit and mic pre, but ozone has a lot of options. Killer test James

    Micky Noise on

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