10 Ableton Live Tips you can't live Without

Welcome to the F9 Tips series..

I've been using Ableton for many years and now it's a musical force in itself .. Here's 10 of the finest tips I've learnt for this amazing music app .

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And for more info on the Drumtrax series used in this video watch this Ableton Quickstart guide:


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  • Honestly the best tutorial I have watched. Explained in a way that most producers will understand without over complicating things. Great stuff!!

    Martyn (Mseries) on
  • Hello mate, thanks for all this brilliant info on the tutorials… still can’t decide if it’s best to jump ship to Ableton from Logic as it all seems so alien and it’d be ages before I could crack on with making some music. Fantastic 80s sounding track on the Hardware vs Software video, darn I’d love a Jupiter 8! I’ll be first in line for a sample pack if you do put one out. Gonna get the excellent drums ones too… properly mastered, the attention to detail there is awesome!!

    Cheers James.

    Mike (formerly of Cancom) on
  • Good job Mr James, there were some tips I was familiar with, but can`t wait to try the rest one’s, otherwise I will forget them. Thank you!

    Ilya on

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