Music Industry 101 - The Money Pt 1

Have you ever wondered how the money worked in the Music industry - If you are thinking of any kind of career in or around music , or are just plain curious you need to watch this animated video ... Here we collated a whole host of industry information and mixed it with our own knowledge after 20 years working professionally in music to provide the ultimate Music industry info graphic video .. 




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  • Very informative James especially for someone like me with no experience in the industry. How does this apply to individuals / duos putting music on beat port etc please?
    Also how does the sampling rights come into play, i.e. How does someone go about obtaining clearance to use a sample or how do you get paid if someone uses yours please??
    Keep up the great work educating us! Thanks

    Stew on
  • Awesome vid, James! Informative and engaging… Cheers!

    Will on
  • Naitwa chriss pallo mi ni msanii naomba support yenu nipo mwanza Tanzania naitaji kuatajili nami kama bill gate pia niwemaalufu kimziki je mtanisaidia?

    chriss pallo on
  • You are the boss!! Keep them coming, incredible quality!!

    Michal on
  • Fantastic tutorials and great advice! Thank you!

    James on

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