10 Logic Pro Tips You can't live without

10 Logic Pro Tips You can't live without

Tips from the F9/Freemasons Studio 

Very soon after finally throwing the ageing Atari ST out of the window I came across what was the beginnings of an industry Monolith - Logic Audio was at that time at version 2.64 and came with the grand total of 4 stereo Audio tracks and about 6-8 effects . However this app changed my working life forever. 

That was getting on for 20 years ago and now at V10 + Logic has changed the way music and audio are created, mixed and remixed. Now it's time for me to start spilling the workflow beans and offer up all the little tips I've found over the years - Logic may be a little cantakerous sometimes and throw it's toys out of it's pram but it is still one of the most important pieces of music technology history ever written. 


This week we created a walkthrough for the new Minneapolis pack that contains a few more logic tips including extreme use of auto filter and some mastering tips:

Minneapolis funk is available here



And If you'd like to know anything more about the drumtrax and Massive presets shown in the tutorial, please see these links and videos:

F9 Audio Massive - Future Classic available here

F9 Audio Drumtrax available here 

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