F9 Audio: The Secrets of Swing Part 3 - Composition

F9 Audio: The Secrets of Swing Part 3 - Composition

Putting it all into practice: Building a track

In this final part of the Swing Tutorial trilogy we put it all into practice and compose a swung house track from the Beats up. One of the secrets of swing is that some divisions within a bar are far more important than the others. We use a classic funk track to show you how and why. 

I'd recommend everyone checks out some of the amazing funk recorded back in the 1970's as it's influence on modern Rhythms is still felt in House, Hip hop, D+B, R+B and all forms of pop and all the drummers from that era created the Swing in the rhythms without quantisation or click tracks - they just hit the skins and the band locked in! 

The track is built using the F9 Future Classic Drumtrax - A new concept in soundware that gives you perfectly produced and engineered drum frameworks to work from instantly.

Other tutorials in the Trilogy:

And here is an introductory video to the Drumtrax products used in this demo:



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