K-Metering and professional gain staging

K-Metering and professional gain staging


So I'll be 100% honest; before I adopted K metering (Part of the K-system from Bob Katz) I always ended up mixing too hot in digital systems. I am convinced it's because my brain was subconsciously aiming for 0Db even though I knew that was the worse target possible in a digital system. 

See how you can make some simple changes to your workflow and metering system to give yourself a mixing and production target level that will hopefully change everything for you. 

Best of all - It's totally Free thanks to the awesome people at Voxengo for adding K-metering to their Free 'Span' Analyser plugin. 

Please remember - every single producer I've ever met or worked with struggles with mixes; do not ever think you are alone if it's hard work - and don't listen to anyone being cocky about mixing on Forums - in my experience the really talented ones offer advice, not sarcasm or one-upmanship. 

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