Free F9 Mix reference Pre-master files


Using other tracks as references for our mixes has become a vital part of nearly everyone's workflow. The trouble is far too often we are referencing fully mastered files when what we really could do with is a set of Pre-masters. That's exactly what we have created here, a  set of ( House music ) premaster reference files and a preset patch for Metric A/B - The brand new ( and very brilliant ) referencing plugin from ADPTR  (Marc Adamo) Available on Plugin Alliance ( with a 14-day Free trial ).
Loading the preset will setup all the reference tracks in slots within Metric A/B and all files are balanced around -14Dbfs which equates perfectly to K-14 on Bob Katz's K-metering system.
Watch the video to see the details of what we're talking about any why using pre-masters as reference points is so important. 
Grab your FREE download reference files simply click below :
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