F9 Electric Disco II : Nuggets Vol1

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5Gb+ of Rich Disco Music

* This release is a set of musical stems, loops, one-shots and sampler sound-menus.  The drums on the audio demos are not included and come from our phenomenally successful F9 Electric Disco II Beats collection which you can experience HERE

Having personally purchased, opened and then ultimately discarded almost every disco flavoured sample pack I could find, the aim here has been high from the start - To create the finest Disco music sample pack the industry has seen so far.

If you’re here and you’ve heard the audio demos above, I’m hoping you agree - we delivered.

Written, produced and mixed over many months with one eye on the late 70s / early 80s disco and post-disco club sound, we pulled the rich musical history of disco forward to the sonic needs of the 21st century. These stems, loops and hits are designed to work with the most modern drum productions.  

Please listen to all the audio demos to hear the breadth of the music contained here. Each of the 12 main pieces has 2 musical sections which resolve harmonically as disco always did. The music is strident, powerful and rich in chordal complexity yet the pieces fall back onto the grooves perfectly.


  • 18 Stem sets
  • 12 Main themes (with 2 sections each)
  • 6 bonus 'Disco Juice' themes
  • Support for Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, WAV
  • 495 Loops
  • 40 Sound-menu sampler instruments
  • Kontakt** and Halion SE sound-menu patches with every format
  • 2200+ One-shot / mini-riff pre-chopped files
  • ** If you need more than 1 format of this release only, add them to the cart and receive a 44% Discount at checkout 

    Disco is the dance floor’s classical music in that the return to the downbeat was an emotional experience.  Personally, I believe this is the reason it has weathered the decades so well. Each new generation finds its own way to represent to 4-to-the-floor power unleashed in the late 70s and the perfect musical resolutions of the themes, led by orchestral instruments carefully arranged on a thick, funk backdrop groove.

    All of this is captured here and midi parts of nearly all the main instruments are available (thank you Melodyne for helping out with live parts) Dive in to see the chord voicings, the scale sweet spots for riffs and how melody and harmony come alive in Disco productions. 

    Recorded carefully with a hybrid approach encompassing live instrumentation and exceptionally careful programming, processing and mixing, this set of stems (18 themes in total) is exactly what I would love to see in a classic Disco sample pack. I hope you agree.

    Thank you all so much for your patience  - We’ve never received so many messages about an upcoming release - I hope we’ve done you proud. 


    James Wiltshire - F9 Audio / Freemasons 

    The Details ---------

    DAW and WAV Support

    All stem sets are pre-loaded into arrangement pages for Logic, Ableton, Cubase and Studio One. Loops are available in Native DAW format(s) and a full PDF Manual is always available in every F9 release. 

    The WAV format pack has a carefully labelled folder structure showing the Tempo and Musical Key of every stem-set. 

    Sampler Support 

    • Native support is available for Logic's EXS24/Sampler plugin, Ableton's Racks and Studio One's presence XT. 
    • Every format also contains a Kontakt Libray and a Halion SE library.

    Although included in Cubase for many years, Halion SE is a free sampler player for all DAWS supporting AU, VST, VST3 and AAX - it can be downloaded for free HERE. We thought this was the most inclusive format possible for this release and we look forward to finding out if it's been a useful edition for you. 

    The 40 sampler patches in this pack are sound-menus of one-shots taken from the included stem sets. playable disco instruments will be available on our upcoming F9 TRAX Electric Disco II pack. 

    System Requirements

    • Ableton 9.5 Onwards Standard or Suite edition (Including Live 10, 11 & 12)
    • Logic Pro X 10.2.4 onwards (including all M1/ Apple silicon Logic systems)
    • Cubase 9.5 onwards (Including LE and Elements editions)
    • Studio One 4.6 onwards (Including 5)
    • WAV format carefully marked for all other DAWs

    Requirements for additional content included with every format: 

    ** A full version of Kontakt is required to run the Kontakt portion of this release. It will not function correctly with the Free versions of Kontakt such as the Kontakt player, or the bundled Kontakt engine in Maschine. 

    NB: When the stems are unpacked, the library can take up over 8Gb so please ensure you have at least 18Gb free on your drive for the download and de-compression. Please only use Windows Explorer and OSX Archive Utility to unpack the zips - other apps may not work correctly.

    To see the license agreement for this release, please click HERE

    Compatibility List:

    • Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.2.4. Onwards (including M1 and OSX Monterey / Ventura)
    • Compatible with Ableton 9.5 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
    • Compatible with Ableton 11 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
    • Compatible with Ableton 12 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
    • Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards*
    • Compatible with Presonus Studio One onwards
    • Compatible with Cubase 9.5 Onwards
    • Part of this library is compatible with Halion Sonic SE3 and Halion Sonic 7
    • Part of this library is compatible with MPC one, MPC-X, MPC Key 61, MPC Studio, MPC Touch / MPC Touch II, Akai Force, MPC beats and MPC Software V2.11 onwards

    * Requires a fully paid Kontakt install, not the Kontakt Player edition.



    Legal :

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    Ableton, Live Pack, and Live Racks are trademarks of Ableton AG.
    Kontakt, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, and Native Access are registered trademarks of Native Instruments GMBH. Steinberg,
    Cubase, HALion, Halion Sonic SE, and VST are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
    Bitwig is a trademark of Bitwig GmbH.
    AKAI, MPC & Qlink are trademarks of Inmusic Brands Inc.
    These trademarks are mentioned exclusively to identify compatibility with the respective companies' music production software and functionalities.
    F9 Audio Ltd does not claim any affiliation or endorsement from Apple Inc, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, Native Instruments GMBH, Ableton AG, Bitwig GmbH, or Inmusic Brands Inc. The trademarks of these respective companies are used solely for the purpose of identifying compatibility with their music creation software.
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