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We think we have developed the ultimate sample pack.  Currently supporting Ableton and Logic Pro these are way more than collections of loops and samples - These packs are a transfer of Knowledge, Technique and 1st Class audio

There will be many more in the coming years .. 


F9 TRAX Motion : Tech House V1.0

The Sample Pack Equivalent to the Tech House Black T-shirt  We consider F9 TRAX to be the world's most advanced, powerful, and useful sample packs. This is not just a collection...

From £23.50

F9 TRAX Los Angeles

21st Century Pop in Logic, Live and WAV formats TRAX Los Angeles is Volume 1 of a series of TRAX releases dedicated to bringing you the sounds, techniques and music...

From £20.95

F9 TRAX: Electric Disco

Awarded 10/10 in computer music !      A Groundbreaking release from F9 containing 5 fully customisable DAW projects. F9 is very proud to present TRAX Electric Disco. An exceptionally...

From £21.95

F9 TRAX : House Nation Vol1

Ever wondered what a professional workflow looks like inside your DAW? Ever wished you could see inside a working Production page of a professional and learn all the tricks? Or...

From £19.95

F9 TRAX Duo Beach House

The sounds of the summer : Inside your DAW The worlds' most powerful sample packs: F9 TRAX return with a beautifully chilled summer helping of beach/poolside house music that references the...

From £19.50

F9 TRAX Electric Disco II

8Gb of Playable Patches, Technique and Inspiration   Ever since we started the F9 TRAX range of releases, we’ve been bowled over by the response from our friends and customers at F9. Coming...

From £26.50

F9 TRAX Mambo - Tech / Melodic House Template

The F9 Summer of House Starts Here. F9 TRAX Mambo is an electrifying journey through Tech and Melodic House template for Logic Pro, Logic iPad, Ableton Live, Bitwig and WAV.    This TRAX...

From £12.00

F9 TRAX Milano - Melodic / Dream House Template

Club Power meets Emotional Melodies.  F9 TRAX Milano is an emotive and powerful journey through the stadium-inspired peak-show energy of the European-influenced melodic dance music that has returned to dance floors and festivals...

From £12.00