F9 Electric Funk for MPC

F9 Electric Funk for MPC


Retro 80s Funk instruments + Kits for MPC

F9 Audio is immensely proud to present the finest collection of retro 80s Electric Funk instruments and kits currently available for the MPC Platform.  

Months of careful multi-sampling of the finest examples of vintage hardware we could muster will bring the power and grit of this era to life inside your MPC. These patches but through instantly thanks to the industry-leading sample playback engine available in MPC Keygroups. 

We tracked down the synths, drum machines and FX devices used by the players, engineers and artists from the golden era where the sound of funk collided with transistors and a brand-new musical fashionista. 

This unique MPC expansion contains: 

  • 4Gb+ MPC Expansion 
  • 133 Fully playable MPC Keygroup instruments
  • 14 Drum Kits
  • 15 Drum and FX menus
  • 11 Melodic 1-shot menus
  • Full set of Qlink macros for each patch / Kit
  • Audio previews for all patches, kits, menus and kit sequences
  • Instant Download Link after purchase

All downloads are available directly after the sale.

An additional folder is included for standalone MPC and Akai Force users.

F9 Electric Funk Kits

The low-bit sample playback we consider so important to the 80s sound was the finest example of current studio technology at the time. Throwing samples through analogue filter chips and discrete circuits is a luxury these days, but the punch and tonality is unmistakable. 

The 14 superb kits inside this pack capture the mood perfectly. We have even used some custom-burnt Eproms for our Oberheim DX and Linndrum. A round-robin 808 kit has been carefully produced to echo the genius rhythms of Jam and Lewis's Minneapolis sound. ( with nods to the master of 80s reverb - Mr Steve Hodge ). Layered kits bring back the 80s Techno-Funk to your MPC like never before. 

If that weren't enough, We've included 15 drum and FX menus with sounds spread across multiple banks and 11 banks of melodic and chordal chops and one-shot hits - Perfect for overdubs and moments of finger-drumming inspiration.

F9 Electric Funk Basses

The unmistakable growl of an analogue synth bass with a tight envelope and juiced-up resonance has never left the public's psyche since the funk pioneers set dancefloors alight with it in the mid-80s. 

We think we've done you proud here - 38 bass patches jump straight out of the MPC thanks to the remarkable clarity of the keygroup sampler engine in round-robin playback. A welcome juxtaposition from the omnipresent 808 drones of this decade, these patches will inspire with a wide grin of analogue bump, power, drift and swagger. 

F9 Electric Funk Synths

A quick look at any 80s music TV or video will bring up keyboards on stage with banks of knobs, or minimalist FM interfaces, but one thing is always common. The searing, visceral sound of an 80s polysynth on heat is engrained in the public's consciousness forever  - and for good reason - THAT sound. 

All the main synth food groups are perfectly represented here - Jupiters, Prophets, Junos and OBX's all battle it out to take your chords, lines and improvisations up to the next level of future-retro. Once again the MPC's Keygroup engine performs beautifully - these will cut like butter, 

F9 Electric Funk Keys

From the instantly recognisable Glassy FM PIanos to unique 12bit sampler patches from dusty floppy discs the 34 Key patches in this collection are a delight to use. Adding a chordal warmth to the analog underscore can lift a beat right up and we highly recommend turning off the qualities and layering some of these patches together. 


F9 Electric Funk Plucks

The arrival of sequencers in music must have been manna from heaven, suddenly they were everywhere, leaping from the self-made devices of Kraftwerk to the artists at the top of the R&B Charts. These 15 pluck patches capture some of the percussive FM, analog and early digital devices keep in constant motion by the newest studio time-keepers. 

F9 Electric Funk Leads

17 leads sign this expansion off perfectly, Arps, Moogs, Sequentials and even Fairlights brought the melodic fight to the front of the speaker cones in the Techno-Funk era and we've captured that energy and presence in this corner of the pack. 

High resonance and 5th-tuned second oscillators are this era's calling card. Dig in without fear here. 


Compatibility List:


  • Compatible with MPC Live I and II *

  • Compatible with MPC ONE *

  • Compatible with MPC X *

  • Compatible with MPC Key 61 *

  • Compatible with MPC Studio *

  • Compatible with AKAI Force **

  • Compatible with MPC Standalone *

  • Compatible with MPC Software V2.11


* Requires firmware V2.11 onwards

** Requires Akai Force OS V3.2 onwards



Tech Specs 

MPC V2.11 onwards - including all compatible Standalone MPCs & MPC Software ( including MPC Beats) 

Akai Force V3.2 Onwards 

A software edition is required to transfer the expansion to a physical MPC. Please contact us HERE if your studio does not contain a computer so we can organise download of a standalone MPC folder.  


Audio demos

The main audio demo was created 100% with F9 Electric funk for MPC ( every drum sound, instrument and FX ).

Additional mixing, arranging and editing took place in Ableton Live, 

Please note, the midi information for the music you hear in the demos is not contained in this release.  


Legal information : 

AKAI,  MPC & Qlink are trademarks of Inmusic Brands Inc. 
F9 Audio ltd is in no way affiliated with or endorsed Inmusic Brands Inc. The trademarks of these respective companies are used solely to identify this product’s compatibility with the music creation software. 
Any / all references to other hardware devices or sub-brands on this page including instruments and registered trademarks are provided for descriptive purposes only. For example, references to instrument brands and associated trademarks are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the creation of a sound or patch. F9 Audio Ltd does not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rests with the brand owner.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

To see this product's license agreement, click HERE 

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