F9 Minneapolis Funk Feat. Guy Pratt

F9 Minneapolis Funk Feat. Guy Pratt - F9 Audio Royalty Free loops & Wav Samples


Royalty Free Funk Crate digging from F9  ... 

  • 2.8 gig of 24bit Audio 
  • 404 Audio Loops 
  • Every Key, Gtr and bass riff Pre-chopped as sampler instruments 
  • World Class Basslines from Guy Pratt
  • Perfect Funk Gtr 
  • 143 Perfect produced 80's drum sounds ( many for original machines ) with correct EQ , compression and reverbs/ ambiences 
  • Holy Trinity 808 kit ( production ready ) 
  • Future samples - as well as individual elements there are 12 expertly mixed royalty free pieces of music with A, B and C sections with and without drums 
  • 5 Impulse responses
  • Custom Kontakt 5 GUI + scripting controls ( script also unlocked for personal use ) 
  • 35 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 6 Riffmatic Bass soft-sampler patches
  • 5 Riffmatic Guitar soft-sampler patches
  • 12 Riffmatic Key soft-sampler patches
  • Classic Signal path throughout the pack's recording Neve 1081, SSL Channel comp, Gml etc


Minneapolis funk ruled the worlds radios and Dancefloors during the mid 80's. The City's musical luminaries Prince, The Time, and the incredible production team Jam and Lewis created a perfect crossover of Funk, Rock, New wave and Post-Disco Electronica . In 2015 the most streamed song in Europe has been Mark Ronson and Bruno Mar’s tribute to the funk of Minneapolis 
For this incredible pack We've teamed up with one of the world's finest, funniest and funkiest bass players : Guy Pratt . Guy has played at the world's highest level. If you want to hear him at full steam check out Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' or Michael Jackson's "Earth song'. He is the one of the only bass players ever to be hired by Bernard Edwards from Chic to play bass and knows every funk move there is. 

Vintage synths and Keyboards were used throughout including Oberhiem OB-Xa , Jupiter 8, Pro One and a late Minneapolis fav the JX10 Super Jupiter


RIFF-MATIC..  The best thing about buying a new sample pack is when you chop it to pieces and come up with new compositions based on the pieces - Here we’ve done all the chopping for you on every Bass, Gtr and keyboard Riff . These sampler patches are the Jewel in the Minneapolis crown. 

Also Included is a Beautifully sampled 808 that is part of the Holy trinity of Vintage machines ( 808, Linn and 909 ) .  

Users of Kontakt 5 Have a Custom GUI and scripted controls for each and every sampler patch.  Please note - the Kontakt part of this release requires a full version of Kontakt - It will not work correctly with the Free Kontakt Player 

Just as a little added bonus we’ve included 5 Post-80's impulse responses direct from Vintage Hardware reverbs.

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